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I actually bought The Collapsing Empire on the Grand Tour in London but for some reason didn’t get round to it until now.

That was a mistake.

The Collapsing Empire posits an complex, messy, interstellar empire with some fascinating science fictional concepts underpinning it. As of the start of the novel this Interdependency has been stable for a long time… and then it starts coming apart at the seams when the foundations of their trade network suddenly aren’t there anymore.

(That’s not much of a spoiler, it’s right there in the title).

Toss in John Scalzi’s solid characterisations, including several* that I really want to see more of in future instalments, as well as his usually snappy dialogue, and you have a book that I really enjoyed.

Recommended, and now I’m really looking forward to the sequel.

*Especially March, Cardenia, and Kiva.