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There is no false advertising[1] in Laid-Back Camp[2]: the title alone tells you exactly what you’re going to get from this show.

Yurucamp is essentially two parallel stories that link up at the end of the series:

  • the growing friendship of the outgoing Nadeshiko Kagamihara and the reserved Rin Shima[3]; and
  • Nadeshiko’s increasing involvement with the inevitable Outcamp Club at her new high school.

What makes Yurucamp shine in both of these stories is that at no stage is there any attempt to change or criticise Rin’s penchant for solo camping. Rin does start doing some camps with Nadeshiko and eventually the others, but these are additions to her routine, not replacements.

There’s no sense here of judgement or of “needing to rescue” the loner; the loner is quite fine as she is and the other characters are happy to accept that.

If Rin should happen to enjoy an occasional camp with them, that’s cool too. By the same token exchanging photos and messages across different campsites also works for this group, and the message exchanges throughout the series are quite charming.

Interestingly the series is set in winter, largely because Rin appreciates the emptier campgrounds and keeping warm with campfires. That’s where Rin and Nadeshiko meet and kicks off the initially unlikely friendship.

This is a very relaxed series where oversleeping after a trip to the Onsen is likely to be the biggest crisis faced by the girls. The downside is that they do end up in Onsens fairly regularly with the inevitable fanservice[4].

A great deal of attention is given to the camp food in this show, and it very much veers into Food Porn territory on several occasions.

All in all, a pleasant little show that will make you relax. Perfect viewing for a Friday afternoon at the end of a long week. Here’s the equally charming OP – if you like this, you’ll probably like the show as well:

[1] There is however plenty of implied advertising for camping goods and stores. But that’s only to be expected.

[2] Also known as Yurucamp

[3] I am highly amused that the deadpan, reserved, Rin is played by Nao Toyama who also played the exuberantly over the top Kongou sisters in Kantai Collection.

[4] And, apparently, bonus cup sizes since they don’t look anything like that in any other scene.