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Fate/Grand Order is a short movie prologue to the mobile game of the same name. It is essentially an alternate continuity to the main Fate/Stay Night universe, one where the Fourth Holy Grail War in 2004 goes horribly wrong.

The Chaldea Security Organisation (CSO) is responsible for guaranteeing humanity’s continued existence and eventually notices the singularity, and that it will lead to humanity’s destruction.

Which is kind of against their core mission, so they’d like to register an objection. The CSO attempts to send a team of 50 odd Master candidates back in time to intervene but yet another disaster strikes.

They end up with one novice master Ritsuka Fujimaru[1] and his Demi-Servant Mash[2], who belongs to the new Shielder class to try and fix the problem.

Within the ruins of Fuyuki they fight dark versions of the previously encountered Servants, with some class swapping going on.

Since this is no more than prologue, the heroes manage to defeat Dark Saber only for the real villain to appear and the movie to end with a descriptions of the tasks ahead[3].

Fate/Grand Order seems more prone to fanservice in its character designs – Mash gets a boob plate outfit with a bare midriff, Medusa as Dark Lancer is well into Escher Girls territory.

Source: AnimeLab

The story, such as it is and such as there is of it, is reasonably competently executed and having Fujimaru be the complete novice justifies the large chunk of infodump at the beginning.

Overall, Fate/Grand Order is… OK I guess. It’s just over an hour so it won’t take up too much of your time, and it’s probably useful to anyone looking to play the game. Other than that, meh.

And… that’s basically all I can see of the Fate franchise folks:

  • The first half of the 2nd season of Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya isn’t streaming or available on disc locally as far as I can tell,
  • I haven’t seen any sign of Fate/Apocrypha or any of the other variants anywhere,
  • Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family is cute but still running.
  • Carnival Phantasm: No. Just no.
  • I’ve seen the three series making up the core franchise.

So unless something else pops up where it’s conveniently available, that’s it for this series of reviews (for now).

Question of the Post: Have you seen Fate/Grand Order? Have you played the game, and is the anime a reasonable introduction to the game?

[1] That would be your starting character in the game.

[2] That would be your starting Servant in the game.

[3] Because you’re supposed to start playing at this point.