In a recent comment on The Ancient Magus Bride JayDzed mentioned running across this video:

JayDzed described it as “watching this odd mix of ‘I’ve never heard of this’; ‘I love this so much’ and ‘Dear gods, why won’t One Piece just go away already!?’”

I was curious and decided to check it out for myself. The video does not, as it happens, cover every season from 1990 – 2017. If it did there would be 112 series represented and I only counted 90. So there’s a number of gaps.

However here’s my experience:

  • Liked: 19
  • Disliked: 4
  • Aware of: 50
  • Never heard of: 17

So, like Jaydzed, there’s a lot here that I didn’t recognise. In terms of the taste shown in the picks I’ll mostly let that go unchallenged except to note the following omissions:

(Record of Lodoss War is also missing but forgivable as that was an OAV series).

Question of the Post: How did you score in terms of “never heard of”, and what were the most egregious omissions in your view?