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Today will be a full touring day with two museums scheduled.

Day 27 Planned:

  • Private transfer to Irkutsk
  • Including Baikal Museum en route
  • Including Taltsy Museum en route

Day 27 Actual:

Another reasonably leisurely breakfast at the fairly civilised time of 9ish before checking out of the chalet and being picked up at 10.

From there we drove to the Baikal Museum, which is close to where the Port Baikal ferry docks on the Listvyanka side of the lake, and the guide gave us a tour of the museum. The museum basically gives a history of Lake Baikal from geologic times through to modern history and exploration, and includes a small aquarium.

I think it speaks to the scale of Lake Baikal that it had at least one icebreaker in operation on it at one time:


Oh, and by the way, SQUIRREL!


The last stop of the morning was a guided walk through the Taltsy Museum. With the construction of the hydroelectric dams on the Angara River a large number of historic wooden buildings were lost when the water levels rose. Before the last of the dams was constructed, a number of these buildings were removed and reconstructed to form the Taltsy Museum.

The Taltsy Museum

The Taltsy Museum is fascinating, and covers a large space and range of Siberian wooden constructions. It is definitely worth seeing if you’re in Irkutsk.

Church and Fort

Speaking of the Angara River…

The Angara From the Taltsy

After that we checked into the Marriott Hotel, had lunch, and settled in for a relaxing afternoon. We’ve really been on the go for the last couple of weeks, so a quiet afternoon is just what we need.


And here are the photos for today.


One of the things I’ve used the time for is to complete backing up the photos and including them in the posts to date. So if any of our previous doings intrigued you enough to want to see where we were, the PREVIOUS button should be right there. 😄

Posting Delays

As you may have gathered there’s a bit of a train theme to how we’re traveling on this Grand Tour, and the next leg will be underway by the time you read this. So there may be a couple of days of “???” in the actual sections until I get a chance to catch up.

Speaking of which Julian has informed me that we have, so far, travelled 5,000KM by train.