This is essentially a parting of the ways with the tour group. However I’m staying in Tokyo today before moving on to the next major leg of the tour.

Day 13 Planned:

  • Not sure yet, I may be seeking advice on this.

Day 13 Actual:

Sadly you know an organized tour is over when you have time to linger over breakfast. Which I kind of did whilst occasionally chatting with other members of the tour group.

From there I trekked to the post office and mailed all my goodies back to myself in Canberra. I’m still not making it generally public how long the Grand Tour will be, but hauling that stuff for the entire tour would have been a Bad Idea (TM).

After that I wandered around Shinjuku a bit. By the way is it just me or is this a contradiction in terms?

It certainly seems contradictory to me

I decided to head to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, as seen in The Garden of Words.

At which point I took official notice that today is Monday (I’m on holidays OK, I’m getting a little vague on that).

Because, apparently, Shinjuku Gyoen is closed on Mondays. 🙁

So I wandered a bit more before retreating to the hotel room to chill (and maybe play some of the new Terra Mystica app in local mode*).

After that I met up with Frog-Kun again for a pleasant afternoon. Our first stop was to take a quick stroll around Akihabara. My vague impression was that Akihabara is much more dispersed and disjointed than Nakano Broadway, so it would take longer to find stuff there. OTOH it is where you’ll find all the new stuff.

There was one juxtaposition in Akihabara that perfectly summed up the anime industry in general I thought: seeing these two establishments side by side:

Mecha and Idols Side By Side

From Akihabara we headed to the Tokyo Skytree, and dinner.

The Skytree

The weather was a bit gloomier than it was in Kyoto, certainly much cloudier, but there still some impressive views to be had from the viewing platform:

I think that’s the Sumida River

In this one you can see the city lights starting to come on as the sky darkens, and also the Asahi buildings (including the mostly hidden Golden Turd).

As the City Lights Up

The Skytree itself is quite impressive lit up after dark:

The Skytree at Night

Back in the hotel packing for my DOES THAT HOUR REALLY EXIST alarm before heading to Narita Airport for the next leg of the tour.

*Initial impressions of Terra Mystica: it’s OK, features some variations I haven’t seen before (but not Fire & Ice yet), and is occasionally buggy on the power actions. Also expensive.


And here are the photos for today.