For six days of the week the Nekoya Restaurant is an ordinary “western”[1] restaurant in Tokyo. Every seventh day the front door magically connects to dozens of location in a fantasy world and the Nekoya becomes the Restaurant to Another World[2].

Restaurant to Another World is a charming 12 episode series that I could happily watch for another 20 episodes or so. I will cheer loudly should a second season be announced.

The Nekoya is staffed by the chef, referred to as “Master”, and a couple of waitresses he hires over the course of the series.

The first is Aletta, a demon girl desperate for work after her goat horns were discovered and made her the victim of fantastic racism in the human capitol. Aletta stumbles into the Nekoya after closing one night in episode 1 Beef Stew / Breakfast Specia[3]l and is hired almost immediately[4].

Aletta is quite simply adorable. She’s energetic, enthusiastic, and the fun Sumire Uesaka brings to voicing her put a smile on my face most weeks. The only downside is that Aletta is occasionally used for fanservice in a fairly gratuitous way.

The second is the black dragon Kuro, the ancient avatar of death, who cheerfully turns into a moe blob in order to get a steady supply of chicken curry. That’s possibly uncharitable on my part, as Kuro has been isolated for thousands of years to avoid accidentally spreading death magic everywhere[5]. As a result she initially speaks telepathically, and only moves on to vocalising as she becomes comfortable in the presence of the Master and Aletta.  Kuro’s slow character development was really quite charming in the second half of the series.

The series structure is fairly simple: each episode focuses on two meals, and the customers (or staff) who choose those meals. Over time there’s interactions between some of the customers, and fascinating bits of world building infodumped in, but that’s the basics of it.

One sidenote: Elves in this world are vegans, and are presented sympathetically as such without mockery or derision. That was good to see. However it got amusing when half-elves turned out not to be vegan, and no one explained the difference to poor Aletta.

Restaurant to Another World is by no means a great series, but I certainly enjoyed watching it, and it’s highly rewatchable without losing any of the enjoyment. Restaurant to Another World has basically made it onto the comfort anime list, and that’s no bad thing.

I’ll wrap up with the exuberant OP which really does catch the flavour[6] of the show. If you like this, you’ll probably enjoy the show as well.

The ED is quite sweet as well:

[1] Which apparently means “serves food not from Japan”, or at least that’s the explanation given in episode 1

[2] AKA Isekai Shokudō to give the light novel series by Junpei Inusuka it’s original title.

[3] All of the episode titles are for two dishes.

[4] The Master is a bit of a softie. However do not start a fight in his restaurant as he will threaten to never cook for you ever again.

[5] Presumably she can control it, and chooses to do so in the restaurant.

[6] Yes, I just went there. Deal with it.