Most people should know by now that I’m a huge fan of ARIA the ANIMATION and the sequel seasons. I’m still vainly holding out hope for a new TV series featuring the new Undines featured in The AVVENIRE.

So although I haven’t gone overboard on it I’ve definitely backed the kickstarter to bring The ANIMATION out on BluRay. The dub I can take or leave, but HD visuals? Yes please.

The base kickstarter has funded but they’ve now announced The NATURAL as a stretch goal. Which implies that The ORIGINATION and The AVVENIRE might be on the cards as well.

Please support this kickstarter if you can, I’d really like to see one of my all time favourites in HD quality from start to finish.

Oh, and as a reminder, here’s just how pretty this show can be when it tries:

Episode 3 Screenshot 2: Now THIS is just piling on.

EDIT 26/08/2017: The NATURAL part 1 has funded as a stretch goal. Let’s keep going to part 2!!!

EDIT 30/08/2017: The NATURAL part 2 has funded as a stretch goal. Let’s keep going all the way to The ORIGINATION and The AVVENIRE!

EDIT 06/09/2017: Looks like the funding has hit $360K which was the magic number for The ORIGINATION and The AVVENIRE! Does a little happy dance and then coughs and splutters everywhere because sick.