So you know how I was saying that Kado: The Right Answer was an intelligent, mature, take on a First Contact premise, based around negotiations?

Apparently not.

Between the end of episode 9 Nanomis-hein and episode 10 Towanosakiwa, Kado became … something else entirely. Major spoilers ahead obviously.

This was a real “what just happened?” moment for me, and whilst the moment itself was done well I have concerns about what it means for the series as a whole.

I’m just not sure what Kado has become, although TV Tropes is suggesting either a Cosmic Horror Story, or an inversion of that trope. It’s complicated.

I’m leaning towards the base trope, given that it involves zaShunina creating what is arguably an Evil Twin of Shindo, and generally showing a complete disregard for free will. Oh, and Saraka is an anisotropic being that reincarnated through various forms before her current human form, and apparently in love with Shindo.

I’m not sure I like this shift.

I think it cheapens the careful world building and character work that preceded it. Not to mention that I was appreciating having serious SF built around “negotiate first, shoot second or not at all”.

I’ll stick with Kado for a bit, but some good writing will be needed to recover my confidence in this show. Here’s the OP again:

Seriously though: what just happened?