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Yes, yes, I’m late. Life and mentally draining workshops happened. A spooky church, and public art after the cut.

All Saints

I went for a long walk one night for dinner, and took a few shots of All Saints Church in Ainslie(?), Dickson(?) as dusk was falling, and at night on my way back.

All Saints at Dusk

On the way back the scattered lights within gave it an almost haunted, spooky feel…

The Haunted Church…

Still Haunted…

Private Poetry. Trespassers Welcome.

This is a public art installation in Garema Place, and one that’s hard to bet a feel for. Maybe a series of photos will cover it.

Evidently the welcome extends to the sign too…

Part of what makes Public Poetry challenging is the separation, the space, between the sign and the rest of the installation.

The Space Between

When you consider the podium from which the trespassers are, silently, invited to declaim their own poetry (not that I’ve ever seen anyone do so), the sign is visible but only edge on. Is that why the invitation seems to be lost, and never followed through on?

For the trespasser to claim and declaim

And finally, a view from the side:

From the side…

That’s it for this week. As always I’m happy to take suggestions for parts of Canberra that you haven’t seen in the Weekly Photos posts yet, although I’ll be at Continuum this weekend.

Sound off in the comments if you have any thoughts or suggestions.