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In which I… reflect on the nature of art.

There was some rain last week and the day after left some rather large puddles about, as is Canberra’s wont:

Puddle! (No, I didn’t jump into it)

On Sunday I wandered in the general direction of the National Gallery of Australia, and noticed this regatta on the other side of the Commonwealth Ave Bridge:

Regatta on the Lake

Sometimes things just line up and the wind is in your favour:

That worked out nicely.

And the Autumn colours along the foreshore are still pretty spectacular:

Autumn Colours

As is so often the case, Canberra has these occasional oddities lying about. On this day there was a Dalek baseball cap hanging on a tree.

It was just there…

The Sculpture Garden

The original objective of walking to the National Gallery was to check out the Sculpture Garden (mostly because my photo walk at the end of April reminded me it existed).

This is Virginia (named after a woman, not the state) by Clement Meadmore. Made of weathered steel it’s quite a large piece:

Virginia, Clement Meadmore

This one is Ik Ook by Mark Di Suvero in painted steel. Make of it what you will:

Ik Ook, Mark Di Suvero

There’s a number of classical sculptures, cast reproductions of earlier works. A Bourdelle, several Rodins. This photo of several of the The burghers of Calais isn’t too bad.

The burghers of Calais, Auguste Rodin

I suspect that Bert Flugelman who created Cones also created the more cubic installation seen in Belconnen.

Cones, Bert Flugelman

You can’t really get the same dramatic framing for Cones as I was able to get for the other piece, the bush setting of the gardens sort of prevents that. Then again, it does perhaps encourage a closer, more reflective look. Like so:

Like a Funhouse Mirror…

Or this one:

Nifty Reflections

There is, apparently, a fog sculpture that operates in the Sculpture Garden from 12:30 PM to 2:00PM daily, and I plan to check that out at some point.

I did spend some time in the gallery itself, but that was a fairly cursory walk through and I wasn’t really satisfied with any of the photos. I plan to return at some point to look at that more carefully (but to be honest I’m not really a huge fan of art galleries).

Walking Home

On the way home I experimented with photographing into the sun. This first effort came out quite well – there’s all sorts of interesting lines and angles in here:

Lake Burley Griffin in the late afternoon

I quite like how this one used the light looking back down along the path with the autumn colours:

Light on Autumn Colours

This one of the reflected sunlight on Lake Burley Griffin worked quite well once I positioned the camera to hide the sun behind the bridge:

Light on the Water

And… that’s it for the week. As usual let me know what you think worked, what didn’t, and any suggestions for how I could improve.. See you next week.