Yes, yes, I know I must be one of the few people to have only just seen Frozen OK? I picked it up on BluRay yesterday after a dentist’s appointment, and gave it a whirl last night with some friends. I liked it. 

No doubt others have discussed the various inversions of the tropes, and have done so better than I will, but here goes.

The various trope inversions from making Elsa a redeemable anti-hero instead of a villain, to building the story around sisterly love instead of romantic love, to making the act of true love one of sacrifice rather than the usual kiss, are all intrinsic to the success of Frozen.

They give the story of Frozen a new and solid foundation to build from, and the engaging characters of Elsa and Anna more than successfully build the rest of it.

Although I think I liked Tangled more, and definitely liked Moana more, I think that Frozen probably has more substance to it as a film. As such I’m only giving first impressions here, I plan to return to Frozen at some point for a more detailed review later.

Overall I liked Frozen, and am intrigued enough by the dramatic choices within it, to want to take a closer look sometime down the track.