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A fairly wide range this week, including my first visit to the National Arboretum.

Glass Cannons

Earlier in the week I got into a discussion on Twitter with @Jaehaerys48 about Admiral Jackie Fisher’s Brainfarts, er, Glass Cannons, er Battlecruisers. We’re mostly in agreement and as part of the discussion I posted some images from Battlecruisers by John Roberts. One of the nice things about this book are the fold out plans of the HMS Queen Mary

HMS Queen Mary, 1913

Chasing the Sunset

On Saturday I decided to go out close to sunset to see what results I could get from Lake Burley Griffin in that line. I left it a bit late and was worried that I wouldn’t get there in time so I was taking photos as I went (just in case). This one had some interesting red effects over the image that I’m intrigued by:

Start of Sunset

Nothing really came of these ominous looking cloud formations:

Dark Clouds Looming

As I got closer to the lake I started seeing some colour in the sky. There’s a bit here:

A touch of red

And some slightly richer colours here:

A touch more red

Contrary to my expectations (and experiences), some of the most interesting colours were to be found looking away from the sunset:

More Interesting Colours…

Overall, not a particularly great set of photos. On my way back for dinner, I did get this one of the fountain and fairy lights in Garema Place that I quite like:

Fountain and Fairly Lights

City Hill

City Hill is one of the points of the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra, and kind of wasted in a sense. It’s quite a pretty park with some nice views, but isolated from the rest of Canberra by essentially being the middle of a roundabout now. I guess it’s one of the ways that the original plans for Canberra didn’t allow for how Technology Marches On.

I wandered up there when I discovered that I would be waiting an hour or more for the bus to the National Arboretum.

But first oushi zokei, dream lens for the future by Keizo Ushio, a Japanese granite sculpture installed at the base of Northbourne Ave.

oushi zokei, dream lens for the future

Now, I don’t know about you, but the framing possibilities offered by such a lens were impossible to pass up:

City Hill Through the Lens

Moving on to City Hill proper now:

Why hello there!

This is a relatively new addition to City Hill – it is the Canberra Centenary Column, and contains a time capsule to be opened on 12th March 2113.

Canberra Centenary Column

As it turns out the ACT has its own flag flying on City Hill, and occasionally you can even see it through the trees:

There was JUST enough wind…

That’s a little unfair. There are angles where you can see the entire flagpole and the portapotty that’s been set up nearby.

All of it

In a sense that crystallised my feelings that more could, or should, be done with a spot that’s an intrinsic part of the plan for Canberra. That’s a position borne out by some of the views you can get from City Hill such as this one of Commonwealth Ave:

Commonwealth Ave from City Hill

Or this one of Northbourne Ave:

Northbourne Ave from City Hill

Or indeed this one of Constitution Ave (which has been refurbished recently, and it shows):

Constitution Ave from City Hill

Fractal Weave

Fractal Weave by David Jensz is a fascinating sculpture at the Canberra Theater Centre. Here’s a few shots of that:

Fractal Weave 1

Fractal Weave 2

Fractal Weave 3

National Arboretum

After a longish bus ride to the National Arboretum, I started wandering around after a brief introduction/overview by one of the volunteer guides, a gentleman by the name of Ian. Among other things, the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection is now housed at the Arboretum, and a few of the trees had some truly spectacular colours showing:

I’ll only put two up this week, but I may make another trip out there to properly study the collection later on:



(I may even keep track of the species next time. But I make no promises.)

Moving on to the views of the Arboretum itself, well, there’s a lot. I didn’t walk across to the Wide Brown Land sculpture this time, but might on a future visit.

Wide Brown Land

The Wollemi pine is fascinating. I believe others have been planted elsewhere in the Arboretum but this one is on display in the central village:

Wollemi Pine


Evidently the Amphitheater is a great place for a kids party that involves flying kites. Lots of kites.

It was a beautiful day for it.

Including some quite impressive specimens:

That’s an impressive kite

Sometimes they worked with the scenery in some interesting ways:

Wide Brown Land, with Kites

This was taken later as the kites were being pulled in for the day:

Coming in to land

Dairy Farmer’s Hill

I spent a good chunk of time walking up Dairy Farmers Hill to the look out there. Here’s a few of the better (or more interesting) shots along the way are below. I liked the colours in this:

Autumn Sun

This gives you an idea of the scale of the Arboretum.

A view across the Arboretum.

I rather like this sculpture. More on that later.

We’ll come back to that. 🙂

A sundial! (Not exactly, I think it’s a specific type but I forgot to get a photo of the plaque explaining it).

About 3:30 if I’m reading that right (it’s pretty close)

I kind of like the way the Radiata (IIRC) pine tree framed this shot

Landscape with Pine

Speaking of the pine tree…

Speaking of the Pine….

A more traditional landscape view, but one that appeals to me:

Looking across the Lake

Nest III

The sculpture Nest III by Richard Moffatt sits at the top of Dairy Farmer’s Hill, and is well worth a closer look. There’s all sorts of fascinating bits and pieces in this welded steel creation

Nest III #1

Nest III #2

Nest III #3

The Pod

They didn’t have playgrounds like that when was growing up (I might well have been more active if they had). That’s all I’m going to say about the amazing Pod:

The Pod # 1

The Pod #2

The Pod #3

Sunset Again

Given that the bus services to the Arboretum are somewhat sparse (every 90 minutes basically, and probably one of the few places in Canberra with identical weekday and weekend timetables), I was there for sunset. Here’s a few photos leading up to that and the last moments:

Sunset #1

Sunset #2

Sunset #3

Sunset #4

Overall some much more interesting colours there than the previous day. But then the bus left so that was the end of the photos for this week.

As always please comment with suggestions as to what you’d like to see in Canberra next, which photos you do (or don’t) like, and any suggestions on how to improve. See you next week.