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This week was mostly Commonwealth Park and the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin, plus a few other bits and pieces.

The Nighttime View

A few shots from a school oval whilst walking home…

Clouds at Night

A Haunted School (not really but it is a bit of an eerie image)

Garema Place Again

Here’s another take on the wild dogs from the teaser post. You can just see one coming around the right hand side of the tree as the shadows bear to the left…

The Dogs 4

Bizarre sheep statues are still bizarre. I may have been playing with camera angles a bit on this walk, seeing how going low changes the view.

I still don’t get this one.

This is from a new development close to Garema Place. I’m amused that the sign was originally correct and the graffiti is introducing the error.

Yes, I’m easily amused. You should know this by now.

Commonwealth Park

It’s sometimes worth noting how long it takes to set Commonwealth Park up for Floriade, and also just how big those tulip beds can be sometimes. For example…

Stretching off into the distance…

Mind you some of the signage from last year hasn’t been painted over yet…

I’m sure they’ll get to it. Eventually.

Of course there can be hints as to the theme in the unplanted beds…

I’m guessing… something something romantic?

One of the features of Commonwealth Park is a set of smaller lakes and ponds just off from Lake Burley Griffin. Here’s a sculpture with a shrimp theme that looks quite striking in this setting

I think it’s supposed to be a shrimp. Could be a lobster.

You can however catch glimpses of Lake Burley Griffin through the gap where the bridge on the main path is. Like so:

The Lake Through the Gap

In a smaller pond nearby there’s this set of bird statues:


A different angle through the gap with a glimpse of parliament house and the national library.

Mind the gap

A little further on is this amphitheater with some interesting artwork along the back:

The Amphitheater

Lake Burley Griffin

Coming on to Lake Burley Griffin proper I started having some frustrating times with the panorama setting on the camera. I’m not sure why but sometimes the tracking point freezes on screen even though I’m rotating the camera. It eventually moves but the delay can result in disasters like this:

Yeah, that didn’t work.

The bridge seen earlier is next to a dam that separates the two bodies of water. The water in Lake Burley Griffin itself is… interestingly coloured. I found this photo to be quite striking, both in terms of the patterns of the algae, and the colour contrast with the smaller lake on the other side of the dam.

Such a contrast…

I quite like this shot from the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge:

From the Bridge

Lake Burley Griffin is often a study in contrasts, such as the natural skyline of hills in the background and the ruler straight lakeside.

Man made and natural

The dude in the kayak was moving along at a fair pace…

Keep on Moving!

One thing that intrigued me along the south bank were the triangular light posts seen here looking back towards the bridge, and the view through them to the National Carillon.

Along the Edge to the Bridge

There was, I thought, an interesting view to be had here and I spent a fair few moments trying to get just the right angle through one of these. This was one of the early shots of this ilk, and probably one of the best:

An intriguing symmetry

Although this larger shot has an appeal of its own:

A wider view of the framing.

I mentioned low camera angles earlier – here’s one across the lake with the camera sitting as close to the water as I could manage it.

Looking Across to the War Memorial

From further down, the last attempt to frame the National Carillon

Mostly the pyramid

I briefly strayed into the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery and picked up this shot of Angel of the North by Antony Gormley:

Angel of the North

And now for something completely different:

Did I lie?

Moving onto Kings Avenue Bridge

Looking West(ish)

Looking north(ish) reveals Bugs Bunny:

Bugs Bunny

Whilst a lot of the panoramas didn’t work, this one of the interior of the Carillon did, and gives a sense of the scale of it.

Beneath the Carillon

I quite like this one of the small island off to the right of the island with the Carillon:

A View to an Island

And the inevitable view across the lake towards old and new parliament houses:

Admit it. You knew this was coming.

Leaving the lake I found this fellow boldly perched on a bench, and I was able to get fairly close without scaring him off.

Why, hello!

And finally a Canberra oddity: a hubcap on a bin. Never change Canberra, never change.

It’s Canberra. Deal with it. 🙂

And that’s it for the week. As usual chime in with any suggestions or requests, and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂