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A bit of a range from the tail end of SwanCon, some autumnal colours during the week, and a walk around Lake Tuggeranong. 

Wrapping Up SwanCon

I quite like this shot of the Perth skyline at night. The orange(ish) street lighting pointing towards the city was a nice effect. The street on the right was similar but didn’t show as well in this shot.

Perth at Night

And here’s me losing at The Gallerist. I don’t think I came entirely last – I managed to generate a solid base score by the end but the end of game scoring was just embarrassing. The Gallerist is a very pretty game with some interesting mechanics, and one I’d be happy to play again (yes, that’s a hint). Two of the friends I was playing with have artwork in the game which is very cool.

The Gallerist

Canberra has a shiny new domestic terminal, and I’ve been on the last flight in occasionally. Sometimes I’ve found that an empty, new, airport to be quite eery. This photo doesn’t quite capture that, but I’ll probably come back to this theme at some point.

Canberra Airport

Autumn Colours and Sulphur Crested Cockies

Well, technically, it’s still the season of “NOT Winter” in Canberra (I maintain Canberra has two seasons, winter and NOT), but some of the autumnal colours on display at the moment are spectacular.

Autumn Colours 1

Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until you load the photos to the laptop. Like this for example:


Or this one:

In Flight 1

Returning to the theme of Autumn colours… this is one of the trees with the fairy lights from last week:

Autumn Colours 2

And this is a close up of one of the other trees in that mini-park. I’m not sure this worked but I’m also not sure why that is:

Autumn Colours 3

I’m not sure what this plant is – it’s often seen as a hedge in Canberra – but the fruit can be striking:

It’s a HEDGE!

And this streetscape in Tuggeranong has a whole lot of colour going on:

Autumn Colours 4

Lake tuggeranong

On to Lake Tuggeranong, and I suppose I should start with the inevitable panorama. This one turned out quite well I thought:

Yeah, that’s a view

A slightly more traditional landscape, and you can see the point where I took the panorama shot from (the top of that bridge)

Lake Tuggeranong

There was a hint of it in the last shot, but I started experimenting a bit with the angle of the sun in a few shots. I quite like how this one turned out:


This one from the other side of the lake picked up some colour dispersion as well.

Sunbeam 2

As the day wore on the clouds started moving in. It never actually rained, and there was very little wind at ground level. As a result I got some fairly impressive reflection shots:


And this one as well:

Reflections 2

The Birds and a Bee

On a smaller scale… why hello there:

A Very Busy Bee

This was pure luck:


Somewhat further on there were some bird flying down from the trees into the lake, splashing, and flying back up. Probably diving for food of some sort. Many attempts were made catch the little blighters on camera with limited success. Here’s the one I posted yesterday:

In Flight!

And here’s the one I didn’t realise I had:


Back to the Lake

I have to admit my creative energies were flagging a bit towards the end – the complete loop is 6.7KM, and whilst I made it fine, my urge to take photos started dropping away once I was over 100 photos for the day. I do like this approach to the dam that creates the lake though:

The End of the Lake

With the clouds moving across I did get this, well, not quite a rainbow effect on the other side of the lake:

Not Quite A Rainbow

And here I am back where I started (only from the other side):

Back where I started

And on that note, that’s the end of the weekly photos for this week. As usual chime in with a comment if there’s anything you liked, or suggestions for what I could improve on. I haven’t committed yet, but I might do the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin next weekend, but let me know if there’s some other part of Canberra you’d like to see.