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Some Canberra streetscenes, art at Canberra Airport, the Perth skyline, and SwanCon42.

Fairy Lights and Fire Engines

One of the things that Canberra does is permanently string fairy lights through the trees in Civic. It’s really quite charming, and I tried a couple of time to catch the feel of them this week. Here’s one from Monday morning:

Fairy Lights of a Morning

I saw this Fire Engine the same morning after the gym. I still resent the fact that ACT Fire Engines are yellow even if there are valid reasons for it to be that way. That said the artwork on the side is what really caught my attention:

I like the artwork on the side

And here’s another look at the fairy lights from Tuesday:

Fairy Lights

This one of the Civic Bus Station has some interesting lines/angles to it:

Civic Bus Station with Fairy Lights

Canberra and Perth

I flew to Perth on Wednesday for SwanCon. Here’s a sculpture at Canberra Airport that I may want to try for a better angle on next time I’m there (I probably won’t though, who wants to linger in an airport for longer than necessary?):

Sculpture at Canberra Airport

And here’s a view from my hotel window:

View from a Hotel Window

If Two Titles Exist, Then…

…there exists a crossover between those titles. Thank you Emma and Yazi for demonstrating this at the SwanCon Art Show (Under 12 division) in such an ADORABLE way. 🙂

Captain Jiji! 🙂


I didn’t get many costume shots yesterday – the lights went off too quickly – but here’s a look at what I did get. First up an adorable kids BB-8 costume:


A videogame cosplay that no-one ever expected: NETHACK!:


A really nicely done Oarai Girls High School uniform:

Oarai Girls High School (General Division)

Two costumes here where I’m not entirely sure of either. Although I think the lady in front may be a Pokestop from Pokemon Go or an Ingress gate:

A Pokestop? or an Ingress Portal?

A Peggy Carter costume (or at least one themed that way, I don’t know enough to be sure either way):

Peggy Carter

A fairly impressive jedi:


And this Alice is the last one I got before the lights went off:


The lights were switched off in the entry way as well as in the Masquerade party room. I do wish they’d been left on outside as I could have gotten pictures of the doubtless many other costumes that I missed.

Oh well, such is life.  I went and played Alchemists instead (which is an odd app-enabled detection/deduction game). I won despite having no idea what I was doing.

That’s it for this week. As usual please leave a comment if you’d like to see anything in particular (I’m in Perth for another day or so I might be able to get out to whatever you suggest), and/or you have any comments on the photos above.

NB: I’ve left the names of cosplayers out of this post, but I’m happy to add them if requested.