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Due to a busy week, and appalling weather, I didn’t get many photos this week. Those that I did get reflect the weather (waterproof camera for the win).

I accidentally left the camera on the night time setting used last week to take this photo of the plum tree out front in the rain:

Plum Tree in Rain (Night Time Setting)

The next photo shows the difference after switching back to automatic (there’s quite a difference):

Plum Tree in Rain (Normal)

Canberra footpaths are notorious for turning into puddles when it rains. The advantage of a waterproof camera is being able to see the ripples from the raindrops hitting said puddles.



One thing that sometimes intrigues me is seeing the worn paths that people actually use versus the paved paths provided (in this case there’s a paved path on the other side of the road in the background).

Paved Paths vs Used Paths

This one has turned into a bit of a river in the wet. I’m not sure I’d be wanting to trust my balance to that mud.

Used Paths Become Rivers

And, sometimes, the puddles come with bonus bubbles!


That’s it for this week, I’ll try to get something more interesting next week. As always leave a comment if there’s anything in Canberra you want to see, or if you have any suggestions/comments about the photos here.