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A foggy morning on Wednesday, a visit to Canberra Airport on Thursday, and a night walk.

A Foggy Morning

I walked outside on Wednesday morning into a fairly thick fog. So I promptly ducked back inside, got the camera, and had a bit of a play on the way to work. In this case I liked how the fog distorted the headlights of the oncoming traffic.

Cars in the Fog

Back in February I took a shot of the Ainslie School against a blue sky, I think it looks a bit eerie in the fog:

Ainslie School in the Fog

I don’t know what species of spider this is, other than a large one:

It was HUGE I tell you…

And now for something completely different…

Are you looking at ME?

Canberra Airport

I had a work trip on Thursday, so I took the camera to get some shots of the Hudson Bomber that’s on loan to the airport from the Australian War Memorial. The view from the right front flank isn’t too bad:

Hudson Bomber

And you can get  a decent shot from the front:

Hudson Bomber, front view

From the rear? Not so much. Load bearing columns are kind of in the way:

Hudson Bomber, rear view

(It’s still better than the Aircraft Hall at the AWM due to better lighting and actually being able to see the entire plane).

A Night Walk

I headed out last night hoping that the Australian Service Nurses Memorial would be lit up (alas, it wasn’t). However I think I did get some worthwhile images using the handheld starlight mode. One of the Canberra landmarks is the Cube sculpture at the base of Ainslie Avenue that lights up in various shades:

At full

In transition

I’m not sure which church this is, but I quite like the warmth suggested by the lights in the darkness:

A light in darkness

On to ANZAC Parade where the night watchmen still guard the Australian Army Memorial:

The Night Watchmen

Finally the AWM at night. The names of the WWI fallen are being projected on to the dome of the Hall of Memory at night. The projected name changes every 30 seconds, and between 4 August 2014 and 11 November 2018 each of the 62,000 names will be displayed about 30 times.

These are names I saw last night:

Lennox, J. T.

John Thomas Lennox served in the 14th Australian Infantry Battalion, and died on 26 September 1917. His age is not given in that link, but as a private he was probably quite young.

Guy, L.C.

Lionel Claude Guy served in the 1st/1st Brigade Australian Field Artillery, and died on 3 November 1917. He was a Second Lieutenant, probably a gun captain, who died of wounds. Again, as a junior officer, he would have been young.


That’s it for this week, if I take any other photos today they’ll go into the post next week. As always please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see next week, or any comments about the photos this week.