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Mostly a photo walk around Lake Ginninderra yesterday, with a few extras on the way there and back.

Odd Public Art

Continuing the time honored tradition of odd public art in Canberra is this, well, I’m not entirely sure what it is, near the Australian National University. This was my first shot:

First shot from the bus

This was the second. Not a lot of time to react here – the bus was already moving.

Taken from the bus #2

I may have to go back on some foot at some point to find out what this is, and what it is supposed to represent.

Margaret Timpson Park next to the mall in Belconnen has some, well, cubist art so to speak.

I told you it was “cubist”. Well, “cubic” at least.

I think the art here includes the small, artificial, hill that I was standing on – it’s pyramidal in shape and the alignment can’t be an accident. I kind of like how all the elements work in this one so I haven’t cropped anything out of it.

Lake Ginninderra

This is where I started and, yes, I did walk the entire circuit as shown. It’s about 7 Km all up and I took a couple of hours to do it.


And it must be said that Lake Ginninderra is really quite pretty. This one was taken fairly close to the map, just to the east of the Arts Centre (which I should probably visit one day).

So very pretty. I suspect I’ll be saying that a lot in this post.

At this point the Ginninderra Road Bridge is a fair hike away, as this look towards it shows. I quite like how the ripples in the water distorted the cloud reflections.

Looking towards Ginninderra Road

Wandering along I came across this gallery of rogues and ne’er do wells no doubt awaiting an opportunity to do mischief:


Then there were these two. Childhood memories of Lake Monger in Perth do inspire a bit of gratitude for the separation of the lake wall (which is about 1/2 meter to a meter above the waterline):

Memories of Lake Monger

Between the optical zoom (about 4x?), and some heavy cropping, it seems I can get some decent close ups of birds (assuming I know where to point the camera)

Black Swan in Close Up

Just to be different, here’s a different take on the teaser photo from yesterday. I’m again liking the ripple distortion effect on the reflection (this isn’t Lake Ginninderra proper, I think it’s a runoff treatment area. But still pretty).

Ripples in the Building

I have to say that I’m shocked, shocked, to discover a water feature in a Canberra park that is actually running (although this may be a minor stream feeding the lack that’s been landscaped somewhat). I do like the look of it though:

Water Feature with Artistic Rocky Bits

In the direction I was walking

Looking back the way I came

I shared these images yesterday on twitter and G+ of the Ginninderra Road Bridge cycle path.

They are, in a word, special…

Note to self: should I ever ride this loop again, make sure to do it in the direction that doesn’t require constantly giving way.


I did take this view from the bridge though:

View from the Bridge

Most of the inevitable graffiti under the bridge is fairly abstract tagging, except for this quite impressive bit:


It would appear that sticking sulphur crested cocky feathers into a tree is a thing in Canberra. Don’t ask me why.

Feathers in a Tree

I did, inevitably, try a few panoramas. I think that this is the best of them, but it’s also driving home that I should really do panoramas from a tripod of some sort so that the camera is fixed in position and just rotating.

It really is a lovely view

And this is the view from considerably further along the lake, in fact this is from the dam that effectively creates the lake:

View from the Dam

I’m not sure what bird this is, but it let me get fairly close (and was probably ignoring me anyway):

It’s a bird.

One amusement towards the end was the flying fox set up in a playground earlier. Now, normally, you’d take turns riding that right? Apparently, for these kids, that was a challenge to see if they could get two people riding it at once.

As you can see, it ends about as well as you’d expect…

Boys will be Boys….

And right at the end, those yellow bits are the Arts Centre that I should really visit some day when my feet aren’t hurting. 🙂

At the end of the loop

One last shot caught as I was walking home from Civic:

Caught in the Act!

That’s it for this week. I might do Lake Tuggeranong or the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin next week. Or, for a change of pace, I might do an art gallery or museum. Let me know in the comments what you think of any of the photos here, or if you have any suggestions for what you want to see next week.