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A friend recovering from a nasty flu like thing came over last night in a mood for cheesy anime with lots of destruction[1]. Robot Girls Z COME ON DOWN!

The premise[2] of Robot Girls Z is to take the classic Go Nagai giant robots – Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer to begin with – of 1970s anime and apply the usual moe anthropomorphism to turn them into cute girls.

Then do the same to the villains that they fought.

So, for example, Doublas M2 gets turned from this…

…into this.

Source: CrunchyRoll


Meanwhile the Robot Girls are every bit as destructive as the Dirty Pair, possibly more so, and the whole thing is played quite effectively for laughs.

Robot Girls Z is also a short series of 9 x 9 minute episodes which were combined into 3 x 27 minute episodes on CrunchyRoll.

Whilst hilarious overall, there are some very dodgy moments[3] in Robot Girls Z, so some viewer discretion is advised.

Other than that, Robot Girls Z is just nuts, and a whole lot of fun to watch.

[1] Dirty Pair may have been suggested at one point.

[2] Such as it is, and such as there is of it.

[3] The usual: some excessive fanservice, and a few very creepy scenes. These are possibly overdone in a few episodes. Mind you given what else Go Nagai has done he may not have minded too much…