Ok, first things first: don’t expect me to type Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club or Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu more than once. MinaKama it is[1].

Adapted from an ongoing manga that’s currently up to 8 volumes MinaKama is a pleasant enough show with relatively minor drawbacks.

The first episode Entrance Ceremony! is mildly annoying because it really doubles down on the Cute Clumsy Girl trope with the lead character. Hiromi Maiharu has just moved to Kamakura to start high school, and attempts to ride her mother’s bicycle despite not having ridden for over 10 years, and then only with trainer wheels.

That’s not cute, that’s just annoying. It does at least bring Hiromi in contact with Tomoe Akitsuki to get the story started. MinaKama does settle down after the first episode, and did have a number of things it handled well overall.

First up was the pacing of the show. The main character introductions are dealt with in episode 2 Go Explore Kamakura, and the decision to form the eponymous club is done by episode 3 Let’s Start a Girls Cycling Club. I really appreciated MinaKama getting these things out of the way quickly, and then getting on with the story.

On the other hand, dedicating episode 6 First Race through to episode 8 All Together! to a half hour race[2] was probably pushing it.

Second is that the supporting characters are quite nicely developed. Of these Fuyune is probably the best – a classic rich girl who struggles physically with the demands of cycling but wants to go and photograph places her sick sister can never get to. Granted that it sounds a bit trite, but it was well handled in the series.

Third is the school principal[3] who basically trolls her entire school with the criterium, all of the first years shortly afterwards, and essentially trolls the MinaKama club members for the entire series.

Whilst not necessarily a good point about the show, I was greatly amused during the run by how obviously MinaKama was sponsored by bike companies and local tourist bureaus. Granted that Kamakura is a very pretty city with a lot to see but it really was as blatant as it was amusing.

Oh look, there’s an episode where all the characters have to visit[4] the major tourist spots in Kamakura[5].

Oh look there’s two episodes[6] where they go for a ride on the Miura Peninsula to highlight more tourist spots.

Oh look, the finale has them riding up the lower slopes of Mount Fuji![7]

Meanwhile, all of the episodes run shorter than normal to make room for live action short spots featuring Yui Fukuo [8]and Yuki Hirose[9] learning to buy, maintain, and ride road bikes before taking a scenic ride through Kamakura. Oh look: more advertising for bikes and tourist spots.

On the downside there was a fair amount of fanservice – the characters are consistently drawn as being fairly busty and often posed accordingly. The late addition of the one very annoying character Sandy McDougall[10] really didn’t help with this.

The Road Keeps Going ends up being a good summary for Minakama: pleasant enough but not much more than that. Worth a look, probably not worth a rewatch.

I do rather like the OP, there’s a bit of roughness in the voices that appealed to me for some reason:

[1] Twitter hashtags for the win.

[2] It’s a 10 Km criterium, and Hiromi’s speedo was showing 26KMH whenever it was on screen.

[3] Who also happens to be Fuyune’s grandmother.

[4] Because all of the first years have to participate in an Orienteering competition. See previous commentary about Fuyune’s grandmother trolling her own school.

[5] Episode 9: A Challenge From Mr. Bear?!

[6] 10 and 11: Let’s Go On a Trip! and Bicycles Are Strange.

[7] 12: The Road Keeps Going.

[8] Who voices Yuika Akizuki (a minor part, I think she’s the younger sister who designs their jerseys)

[9] Who voices Tomoe Akitsuki

[10] American in case it wasn’t obvious, with all of the annoying anime version of America tropes bolted in for good measure.