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A late afternoon visit to the Parliamentary Triangle for Enlighten 2017, as well as another short visit to Old Parliament House. Night photography? Probably not my strong suit.

On the Way

On the way to Old Parliament House, I noticed this rather charitable piece of graffiti on a road sign pointing to the new Parliament House:

A heart? Wishful thinking perhaps?

I’ve cropped it fairly substantially, but I do like this shot of the Magna Carta memorial:

Magna Carta Memorial

I also like this one taken from another angle:

Magna Carta Memorial

The Senate gardens also have some quite spectacular roses:

Roses in the Senate Gardens

For the Record

A new exhibition opened at OPH as part of Enlighten. This is For the Record dealing with the role of the Hansard in keeping records of parliamentary discourse. As you can imagine this is relatively dry stuff, and the exhibition was enhanced by providing a hands on opportunity for attendees to create some artworks around/in miniature records boxes, and attach them to the wall against particular themes.

The themes included women, and representation of women in parliament:

For the Record: Women

For The Record: Selected Artworks – Women

As well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Asylum Seekers (plus some others). Some interesting works were created for this exhibition, and I wonder what will become of them once it ends (soon):

For the Record: Indigenous Australians

For the Record: Asylum Seekers

In an out of the way corner I ran across this quite nifty model of OPH:

OPH Model

Waiting for Sunset

It’s still daylight savings in Canberra so I had a fair bit of time to wait for the sun to go down, and Enlighten proper to begin. So, I was wandering around for a bit and seeing what caught my eye.

Water features in public places tend to be a bit hit and miss in Canberra. Sometimes the ducks don’t get told this.

HEY! Where did all the water go?

As you head towards Lake Burley Griffin from OPH, there’s a descending walkway that frames the view north over the lake and towards the Australian War Memorial. I’m not sure how successful this shot is, but let me know what you think in the comments:

A focused view

For comparison here’s a view from the bridge over the walkway:

A wider view


As Enlighten got underway there was a group in lit up angel costumes wandering around. The kids on the scene found them fascinating, and the performers were certainly willing to entertain the kids by paying attention to them. I found this charming, and so did several others:

I actually like the blurs in this…

As for the main Enlighten attractions, I was using a “hand held Starlight” setting on the camera, and it worked better than I expected. One To Eight is a current art installation in OPH centered on the first 8 Prime Ministers, and worth a look if you get a chance.

One to Eight Part 1

One to Eight Part 2

This one for the 1967 referendum came out remarkably crisp:

Right Wrongs, Write YES

I didn’t actually take that many because I’m having trouble assessing the quality of the photos until I get them onto the laptop, and I thought that these weren’t working. Maybe next time I’ll have a little more faith in the camera.

One last shot from the Questacon building, and that’s it for the week:

The marble thing. 🙂

As always, please feel free to comment on what worked, what didn’t, and any suggestions for what you’d like to see in Canberra next week.