I’ve been in a bit of a mood to rewatch shows recently, and since I’ve had the time to do so I ran through both Bodacious Space Pirates[1] and The World Is Still Beautiful[2].

Much of what I had to say in my original review of The World Is Still Beautiful is still true: this is a lovely show that is one change away from awesome. The romance that grows between Nike and Livi really is one of the best put to screen in anime, it feels natural, unforced, and there’s a nice balance of agency between the two in moving it forward.

I just wish they were both four years older. Improbable as it sounds, The World Is Still Beautiful works well enough with Livi being 12 and Nike being 18, and should pull a reaction from the coldest of hearts in places. This really is a sweet show to watch.

But Livi being 16 and Nike being 22 would have made The World is Still Beautiful something truly special. Note that I’m not suggesting making them the same age, it’s hard to explain exactly why this is, but Nike being older and so optimistic is key to inspiring the same in Livi.

Either way, Nike is a fabulous character, and likely to pull me back into rewatching The World Is Still Beautiful fairly regularly.

If you haven’t seen The World Is Still Beautiful, it’s still on CrunchyRoll so do yourself a favour[3] and check it out.

[1] Bodacious Space Pirates is always a fun show to watch, although I wish they’d been a bit more explicit about shipping Marika and Chiaki.

[2] Aka Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushi. This literally translates as Even So, The World is Beautiful according to Wikipedia (which I think would have been a better choice in terms of the feel of the show).

[3] Bonus points to the relatively few members of my audience who are both Australian and old enough to get that reference. 🙂