Nozomi Cover Art - Dirty Pair OAV Series

Nozomi Cover Art – Dirty Pair OAV Series

When I decided to watch the Dirty Pair OAVs in a run for diversion before I reviewed them I really didn’t expect four weak episodes in a row. Fortunately episode 6 Are You Serious? Shocked at the Beach! Wedding Panic! is the last of these; they get better from here. Honest.

Kei and Yuri are on a cruise liner to Sargilco Island when Yuri gets hit on by a handsome dude. Yuri is unimpressed and more or less tells him to take a hike. The Lovely Angels have been sent to the island to infiltrate a counterfeiting operation run by the Casteno Family, who also more or less run the island.

Kei goes undercover in a low rent bar, Yuri as an archaeology student visiting ruins on the island. Yuri gets caught investigating the family’s private church by the dude from the liner who turns out to be Carine Casteno, the younger son of the family.

Romance ensues, including an immediate confession that Carine is part of a gang which Yuri doesn’t seem to care about. Meanwhile the elder brother’s background check fails to identify Yuri, nor are the WWWA headquarters crew identified as such when they arrive as guests for the wedding.

Is your suspension of disbelief snapping at this point?

Yeah. That’s about where I lost it as well.

The resulting mayhem as Kei infiltrates the hidden areas of the church[1] to discover and sabotage the counterfeiting operation is amusing[2], but can’t save the episode. It’s all just too contrived, right down to Carine’s escape plane from which he bails out of with a parachute conveniently embroidered with an “I Love You” message.

Why would he even have that prepared?

The battle bikini percentage falls to 92%[3].

Next Up: Revenge of the Muscle Lady! Is a Woman’s Spirit the Beauty of the Ring?

[1] In a nun’s habit. Again. See Come Out, Come Out, Assassin.

[2] Especially Madam Beryl who still wields a Bloody Card to great effect.

[3] That’s a half episode fall: Kei gets hers on, Yuri doesn’t.