As anime to live action adaptations go Space Battleship Yamato is reasonably watchable but not much more than that.

The biggest issue is reliance on franchise familiarity to know and understand the character relationships since there just isn’t time to properly establish them within the story. This isn’t a problem with the live-action aspect per se, it is more a generic example of a compressed adaptation.

The Space Battleship Yamato tries to focus on the theme of sacrifice for the good of others, but the problem for me is that there just wasn’t enough connection to the characters to really care. As a result there really wasn’t a lot of tension for me in this film, and I had to actively fight the urge to catch up on twitter whilst watching it.

I did like the changes to Yuki Mori’s character in this version. Here Yuki is much more of an Action Girl, much less of a Distressed Damsel, and Meisa Kuroki does well portraying Yuki.

Takuya Kimura does a solid job as Susumu Kodai, and the rest of the cast are decent. The movie generally looks and sounds good, although the CGI is often noticeable and occasionally jarring.

Overall I think the live action Space Battleship Yamato is worth a look, but probably not worth revisiting once seen.