Nozomi Cover Art - Dirty Pair OAV Series

Nozomi Cover Art – Dirty Pair OAV Series

Continuing with the run of weak Dirty Pair OAV episodes we come to episode 5 And so, Nobody’s Doing It Anymore.

There’s some great world building in this episode. Pity about the rest of it.

Once again And so, Nobody’s Doing It Anymore revisits a theme of an earlier episode, in this case the gambling theme of Go Ahead, Fall in Love! Love is Russian Roulette. However where Russian Roulette was a fun caper, And so, Nobody’s Doing It Anymore is a rather more tedious affair of the Lovely Angels sent to retrieve the number one trouble consultant who has fallen into the bad habit of gambling.

So, just as with the previous episode, And so, Nobody’s Doing It Anymore is a touch on the Anvilicious side. The fanservice is rather more over the top than usual once you consider some actual Gainaxing on Kei’s part and the Bunny Girl casino staff.

The gambling itself is part of the clever world building in this episode. Humans will bet on just about anything, so why not introduce to a science fictional universe betting on asteroids? The game of Meteo involves launching asteroids from a mass driver towards an uninhabitable planet and seeing where they crash. A numerical 0 – 9 grid is superimposed over the planet, and two shots gives a position on a grid that is used to determine who wins.

It’s quite cleverly presented, and also used to show that the Lovely Angels are equally clever agents: they sneak into the system to investigate first before showing up on the space station with the casino and mass driver. Naturally they discover that cheating[1] is afoot, work out how to meddle with it for their own ends, and get down to the business of investigating and exposing the rort.

So far so good. What’s less effective is the story by which gambling with the fallen trouble consultant somehow exposes the rort, and inspires him to enough anger to wreck the joint with his amazing kung fu powers. Yes, Dirty Pair really went there.

Granted there’s an opportunity for Kei and Yuri to show off in stunning outfits[2], and bitch at each other like the vitriolic best buds that they are. The less said about the outfit Kei stuffs poor Mughi into the better.

On the other hand once the kung fu trouble consultant goes wild, suddenly there’s also an inhabited planet in the system that asteroids start raining down on. The destruction of that planet leads to a text Title Drop of And so, Nobody’s Doing It Anymore at the end of the episode, complete with typewriter sound effects.

And so, Nobody’s Doing It Anymore is really just a weak episode that had the potential to be a great episode had the world building been matched to a slightly more coherent story.

The battle bikini percentage remains at 100%[3].

Next up: Are You Serious? Shocked at the Beach! Wedding Panic!

[1] There’s also some clever world building in how the cheating is being accomplished.

[2] Which, naturally, they charged as expenses back to the WWWA. Much to Gooley’s disgust.

[3] If only because of the briefing scene in Gooley’s office.