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Nozomi Cover Art - Dirty Pair OAV Series

Nozomi Cover Art – Dirty Pair OAV Series

I’m starting to think that nostalgia has given Dirty Pair, particularly the OAVs, a better reputation than it deserves. Fair Warning: Episodes 3 – 6[1] aren’t particularly good truth be told.

Episode 4 Who Cares If They’re Only Kids! Playing War Games Warrants a Firing Squad?! is the second relatively poor episode in this run, and it suffers from a number of problems.

First up is funny once, not so much twice. Hah, Hah, Hah, Dresses and Men Should Always Be Brand New already featured kids getting the better of the Lovely Angels, and doing so in a hilarious way. Firing Squad returns to the theme, and isn’t anywhere near as funny about it.

Second is the anvilicious nature of the episode. Granted that whilst some anvils need to be dropped, this set of anvils was handled much more effectively by the Gall Force series, and by Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. Although Kei’s line late in the episode that “Only children can make a game out of war” is well delivered to the leader of the kids.

Third, the combination of message and misplaced humour really didn’t work here, although if I’m honest I could see a younger version of myself laughing a fair bit at this episode.

As a side note, I find that I’m generally more comfortable with the late 80s treatment of war in anime than I am with the more recent military moe treatment.

In terms of what happens, briefly, a bunch of kids hijack an “Energy Research Base” which was actually developing a Dimension Vibration Gun that could destroy the universe and ending all life. The kids’ parents are bigshots in the local planetary government so the Lovely Angels are called in to handle things quietly[2].

For the first couple of rounds the Lovely Angels don’t take the kids seriously and end up being embarrassed and mocked as a result. In the confusion the base commander manages to escape but the kids accidentally set the countdown running for the Dimension Vibration Gun[3].

This kicks the Lovely Angels into action, leading to a showdown between Kei and the leader in a construction mech of some sort. It’s all reasonably watchable stuff, but never more than mildly amusing and the message is never handled particularly effectively[4].

This really is a fairly weak episode, and there’s a few more to come before Dirty Pair gets back on track.

The battle bikini percentage remains at 100%.

Next up: And so, Nobody’s Doing It Anymore.

[1] Of 10. So that’s a fairly large chunk.

[2] The Lovely Angels being called in to handle things quietly. Yeah. Right.

[3] Naturally this is via the as inevitable as radioactive decay big red button of doom.

[4] That one line of Kei’s notwithstanding