I’ve been a little concerned for a while now that the blog layout was clunky at best, and possibly slow. I’ve just made a number of changes that will, hopefully, make the blog faster, and easier to read. More after the jump, along with a poll to get your feedback.

I’ve basically removed the footers since I thought they were taking up space without any benefit. The number of posts per page has been cut to 5. Things like ratings, likes, and sharing buttons are now only displayed on the posts and not on the list pages.

The sidebar has been massively restructured. I’ve removed things that I didn’t think were useful, added some replacements, and ordered them by what I’m guessing is the likelihood of each being used. So, what we have now is:

  • Search
  • Calendar
  • Categories
  • Recent posts that I’ve liked (NEW, and a better way to show what I’m reading)
  • Recent posts by me
  • Popular posts (NEW, and a sort of replacement for the quarterly reviews)
  • The follow link (moved from the footer)
  • Me (ditto)
  • The meta links (ditto)

Gone are the blogs I follow (it wasn’t a curated list), and the twitter feed (if you’re actually interested in that, you’re probably following me on twitter anyway).

So. What do you think?