Barakamon is a late addition to the CrunchyRoll library, but one that was well worth waiting for.

Seishuu Handa is an up and coming calligrapher in Tokyo when a major faux-pas results in his exile to a remote island. Once there his growing connections to the locals, including the little girl Naru who is always bugging[1] him, become his muse and inspire him to new greatness as an artist.

Barakamon is very much slice of life with the ever-suffering Seishuu having to deal with the omnipresent Anime Loon Squad[2] dragging him out of his shell whether he wants to or not.

Unsurprisingly, to begin with, he doesn’t want to.

But gradually, gently, Seishuu does begin to enjoy life on the island, and what began as an exile ends as a home. More than that, the people who have surrounded him become his inspiration, and that was just lovely to watch.

The island and the rural life are well rendered, including the many insects much to Seishu’s dismay[3], as are the local variations in customs and dialect.

Bonus points apply for managing the dreaded Beach Episode in a way that was both funny[4] and completely devoid of fanservice.

I’m not going to talk about the details of the episodes because they don’t really matter. What matters in Barakamon is the feel of the piece, and that’s where Barakamon really nails it.

Barakamon is the sort of anime you sit down with to pass a pleasant few hours of a Saturday afternoon with. All up, a charming show and great way to pass the time.

Here’s the OP:

[1] Sometimes literally. Stink bugs may be involved in one episode (not really Naru’s fault to be fair).

[2] One of the better implementations of such. The Barakamon loon squad is right up there with the best efforts of Patlabor and Maison Ikkoku.

[3] Poor Hina-chan isn’t too keen on them either.

[4] At Seishuu’s expense, naturally.