The Japanese Film Festival's Poster for Chihayafuru

The Japanese Film Festival’s Poster for Chihayafuru

With Chihayafuru part 3 set to commence filming in 2017, I had some thoughts on possible themes/directions for the plot.

NB: this is a phone post so I don’t lose immediate thoughts, and I may come back to it later to clean it up and add links (and a cut)

NB2: MAJOR spoilers for the movies ahead. Stop now if that’s a problem.

OK, Part 2 hammered the theme of team Karuta vs individual Karuta really hard. So did part 1, although that was mostly in Komano’s arc.

Part 3, and the part 4 that I’m predicting here, will double down on that.

Here’s my Wild Mass Guessing for the Chihayafuru live action movies

Part 3: Arata’s Mastery and Chihaya’s Team

Given the bracketing footage for the first two movies, Arata has to achieve mastery before Chihaya becomes Queen. At the same time Taichi has to rise to the point of being able to challenge Arata.

So: part 3 is 2nd year and Arata transfers to Mizusawa High School. This also puts the romantic triangle right at the center of the film.

The theme will be building the central trio into Karuta monsters (well, more than they are alteady) through teamwork, friendship, and maybe some romance.

Part 3 ends with Arata defeating Suo to become Master, and Chihaya putting up a respectable showing but losing to Shinobu in the Queen match.

That sets up part 4

Part 4: Chihaya’s Queendom and Taichi’s Romance

In case it wasn’t clear already the movies are an entirely alternate continuity to the anime/manga.

Which means that the franchise gets to have a bet each way on the romantic triangle. 😜

Arata will (or has, I haven’t gotten that far yet) win Chihaya’s fair hand in the anime/manga.

Taichi will win in the movies.

Part 4 will end with the foreshadowed matches between Shinobu and Chihaya for Queen, and Arata and Taichi for Master.

Chihaya and Taichi win, and that’s when Taichi confesses to Chihaya.

To be honest I don’t expect this to be all that close to right. I’m more expecting to be pointing and laughing at myself for this post in a couple of years.

That said… this feels right to me in terms of how the Chihayafuru movies have been structuring their themes so far.

If you’ve seen the movies, sound off in the comments with your own Wild Mass Guesses! 😄