Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha (aka Inakon) is a charming little supernatural romantic comedy series, and one where I’d like to see a second season.

Inakon is primarily about the clumsy and somewhat shy girl Inari Fushimi who rescues a familiar of the shrine goddess Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami (usually addressed as Uka-Sama for obvious reasons), and winds up with both some of Uka-Sama’s divine powers and said familiar.

Hilarity ensues, particularly when the main power Inari receives is to transform herself into another living human being. Given that Inari starts out being not particularly comfortable in her own skin, wearing somebody else’s is generally embarrassing for her sooner or later.

Over the course of Inakon Inari develops more confidence in a natural, and as I said earlier quite charming way. Some of her dealings with the other gods, particularly as her having the power begins to adversely affect Uka-sama, are effective character moments.

Inari also comes to understand her classmates, and herself, much better as well as building the courage to deal with her crush a little more openly and honestly. I’m not going to go into details of that, or of the crisis that ends the series, but it’s well handled through out and delivers a solid finale.

At the same time the parallel not-a-romance-honest between the otaku[1] Uka-sama and Inari’s chuunibyo[2] brother Touka also provides a fair bit of hilarity and character development, as well as folding back into the main plot.

Inakon is a lot of fun, and at only 10 episodes won’t outstay its welcome. That said, I’d be happy to watch a second season of Inakon if one were to eventuate (alas there’s no sign of that at present), especially as the spoilery Wikipedia page indicates that there’s plenty of story left to deal with.

Inakon is currently streaming on AnimeLab in Australia[3], and includes a subtitled OP/ED that alternates between translation and romaji[4]. Here’s an unsubtitled copy of the OP to whet your appetite:

Because I quite like it, I’ll add in the background image on the AnimeLab page:

[1] Uka-Sama is addicted to video games. Especially romantic video games. Having a swarm of gods trying to marry her for her powers as a first-rank goddess has made Uka-sama yearn for true romance.

[2] Although that’s not entirely a fair description since Touka can see the gods.

[3] Which I suspect means Funimation elsewhere.

[4] Which I mention because it’s a nice touch that I wish would happen more often with streaming anime.