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GAMMACon 2016 is on this weekend (17-18 September 2016) at the AIS Arena. More details here, tickets on sale here. I, along with Cai-ann Cahill and Jordan Jeans, will be presenting a couple of anime panels this year. We’re expecting to have a lot of fun, so come along and join us!

Details after the jump.

Anime Fandom Then and Now – Saturday 12:00PM

The manufacturing of VCRs ended in July this year. What was anime fandom like in the days of VHS fansubs? How has it changed, and how has the anime fandom experience changed as streaming sites like CrunchyRoll and AnimeLab have come online? How is it likely to change going forward? How has anime fandom become more mainstream, and will that trend continue?

The Tropes Awaken – Sunday 2:00PM

Colour Coded For Your Convenience, Magical Girls, The One True Pilot. What are some of the common tropes in anime, how old are they, and should you flee screaming when they come up next season (which they will). Cai-ann, Jordan, and John discuss some tropes that they’ll have prepared earlier, and will take suggestions from the floor if there’s time.

Other bits and pieces

The panels, especially the anime fandom panel, may include… video from the darkest depths of my anime collection. Come and thrill to the horrors of anime fandom in days of yore. In the course of making our selections I’ve also dug up a few titles that I may be reviewing in coming weeks, none of which any of you are likely to guess.

Although you’re welcome to try. 😉

As with previous years, I’ll do my best to post panel notes afterwards (but I make no promises).

Anyway, come along to GAMMACon, it’s a fun, friendly convention that I’m looking forward to each year.