The 10th anniversary ARIA the AVVENIRE OAVs are, unashamedly, nostalgia trips for the original ARIA series (The ANIMATION, The NATURAL, and The ORIGINATION), and work wonderfully as a result.

EDIT: I’ve just added a couple of screenshots from the third episode that are beyond pretty.

As a result we don’t see huge amount of the three new Undines Aino Ai[1], Anya Dostoyevskaya, and Azusa B. McLaren[2], with much of the episodes being flashbacks to the original timeframes. That said, they’re charming enough that I would happily watch a new TV series centred on these three.

The episodes were carefully scripted so that Athena Glory only appears in song, which I thought was a respectful nod to the character, and a poignant acknowledgement of Tomoko Kawakami’s passing.

As you’d expect of ARIA, the Scenery Porn is back with a vengeance and Neo-Venezia looks truly fabulous in these episodes. I’m now hoping that Nozomi will release Blu-ray remastered editions of all of the ARIA seasons just so I can have full HD copies of these episodes.

EDIT: Speaking of Scenery Porn:

Episode 3 Screenshot 1: Ridiculously Pretty

Episode 3 Screenshot 1: Ridiculously Pretty

Episode 3 Screenshot 2: Now THIS is just piling on.

Episode 3 Screenshot 2: Now THIS is just piling on.

(NB: Click on the images to see a larger version, and then on the original size link to see the full size images).

All up, ARIA the AVVENIRE is lovely to look at, has that distinctive ARIA soundtrack, and is a sweet, nostalgic, addition to one of my favourite series. And, no, I’m not crying, it’s just very dusty in here.

[1] Now there’s a Meaningful Name for you: Love of Love if I’m not mistaken

[2] And, yes, the Orange Planet and Himeya apprentices continue the theme naming for their companies.