Redline is a visually and aurally spectacular science fiction racing film directed by Takeshi Koike. The eponymous Redline is the ultimate no holds barred race in the universe, and that applies to basically everyone trying to kill the racers.

This includes the mafia trying to fix the race, the other racers, and the military government of the Roboworld where the race is being held. If the latter is no surprise due to the government having refused permission for the race to take place, then what that government uses (willingly or otherwise) certainly is.

Oh, and there’s this weird romance between two of the racers.

If that doesn’t make much sense, neither does Redline. The wafer thin plot is only covered up by the insanely furious pace of the action, and the stunning visuals.

But even that frenetic pace wasn’t enough to keep me from noticing, as I was watching, that Redline is essentially sound and fury signifying nothing.

It is however an extremely stylish piece of nothing. I do think Redline is worth seeing once, just for the style and sensibility of the piece, and to admire the quality of the work that went into it.

Having done that, I’m not likely to revisit it.