Nozomi Cover Art - Dirty Pair OAV Series

Nozomi Cover Art – Dirty Pair OAV Series

In which the Lovely Angels go surfing in a volcano.

No, really, I’m not making this up you know!

Welcome to a new series of posts reviewing the Dirty Pair Original Animation Videos (OAVs) which ran from December 1987 – to April 1988. This second series is off to a good start  with episode 1, Prison Uprising! We Hate People With Grudges!

The Changes

The new series featured updated character and mecha designs[1]. Notably the Lovely Angels appear to be taller, bustier, and Yuri has swapped to a silver uniform from the gold of the TV series[2].

Based on cover art I’ve seen the silver may be more in line with the original Dirty Pair light novels.

There’s also a new opening, which is less exuberant and more character focused than Russian Roulette:

I do like the new OP, but (IMO) the song is not as good as the TV Series OP. However, it does show a noticeable jump in animation/art quality, and this carried through to Prison Uprising[3].


Prison Uprising starts as the name suggests with a prison revolt in Karosu Prison. Karosu has to have one of the more interesting locations for a prison ever seen in science fiction.

By interesting, I mean it’s built on a sort of asteroid floating in the middle of a very large volcano. Don’t examine this too closely.

Meanwhile Kei is catching up on paperwork[4]. Yuri is flirting with the assistant to Dr Q[5], who appears to be the resident mad scientist the OAV series. Yuri does get a ring which apparently contains a laser capable of burning through 2 metres of steel.

The Warden is needed as a witness for a trial, so the Lovely Angels get called in for a rescue. The marines are planning a frontal assault to retake the prison, and the prisoners are attempting to ransom the warden for safe passage. The prisoners are also trying to cut through the doors to the hangar containing ships that they can try to escape on.

The marines are drop troops in powered armour, and their first wave drops straight down the middle of the volcano. They seem to have decoys with them, which is necessary because the prisoners have the defensive gun mounts and are using them effectively.

Meanwhile the Lovely Angels are heading down the edge of the volcano in a capsule and then switch to surfboards to make a discrete entrance to the prison.

Yes. You read that right. Surfing down a volcano is the subtle entry approach. Well, it is for the Lovely Angels.

The next step is to take a prisoner or two[6] and find out where the Warden is being held, and then the rescue is on.

Alas, the Warden is more interested in revenge for his lost pension[7] than he is in being rescued. The Lovely Angels weren’t expecting this[8], so the Warden manages to escape from Kei into the control room and proceeds to unleash havoc. Automated internal guns, releasing gas throughout the complex, that sort of thing.

Fortunately Yuri has a nifty little electronic map with her, and uses it to work out where the Warden is, and where to find gas masks. When seen now, the device is a little moment of Zeerust, but to be fair it was quite forward thinking for when it was made.

The Warden is still bent on revenge, and is behind a 2 metre thick steel door that laughs at Kei’s bazooka. Unfortunately for the warden, Yuri has just the right laser on her ring to deal with that. Pity about the recoil.

After that there’s a bit of hilarity with anti-gravity mine carts, low hanging beams, the Warden being difficult, and the ringleader of the prisoners trying to kill the Warden. Again.

Oh, and Kei insisting that it’s Yuri’s turn to write the reports this time.

All in all Prison Uprising is a strong start to the Dirty Pair OAVs. Fast paced, with a sense of fun that was sorely lacking from the last couple of TV series episodes, Prison Uprising is a lot of fun to watch. Besides, you know it’s worth it just for the volcano surfing.

With a new series, it’s time for a new Battle Bikini tally, and it currently stands at 100%.

Next up: No Thanks! No Need For a Halloween Party!

Snarky Bits

[1] The Lovely Angel looks very different, and I think I preferred the TV series design.

[2] Personally I prefer the gold, but that’s a matter of taste.

[3] I don’t know if this applies to the entire OAV series, I’m writing these as I go.

[4] Much to Kei’s disgust.

[5] No James Bond references here. Nothing to see here. Move along.

[6] Apparently the escaped prisoners lose all sense of self control and sanity when presented with a beautiful woman vamping at them. Idiots.

[7] He had a perfect record before this happened.

[8] They are however somewhat sympathetic about the lost severance payment. Although that sympathy rapidly disappears as the Warden keeps being difficult.