Kei and Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 23 - 26

Kei and Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 23 – 26

As series finales go R-Really?! For Beautiful Women, “Canon” is the Keyword to Escape is OK I guess. It has a suitably over the top episode title, some decent action, and the exploding volcano that we were denied in Nostalgic Blues Make a Killer Soundtrack.

Still, it all falls a bit flat overall. Amusing enough, but definitely not one of the better Dirty Pair episodes out there[1].

The episode begins with Kei getting caught raiding some cake Yuri left in the fridge. Yuri is unimpressed since the cakes from Blue Lagoon are special. The ensuing dust up sees Kei locked in the fridge for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile Gooley is visiting the WWWA Weapons R&D lab. This lab turns out to be fairly well designed in that it’s a) some distance away from populated areas, b) In a dormant volcano, and c) The WWWA executive council installed a secret remotely controlled self-destruct device to make the volcano explode.

On arrival Gooley’s escort is killed, and Gooley is captured by Marcus, the former head of security for the lab. Marcus is an ambitious fellow and wants 1 billion credits from WWWA. He’s keeping Gooley hostage, as well as threatening Eleanor City with the newly completed Super God Cannon[2].

A constantly sneezing Kei, and a still irritated Yuri, arrive at WWWA headquarters to find out what’s happening, and start planning a rescue. This is when the WWWA executive decide that it’s all too hard, forbid the Lovely Angels from doing anything, and set off the self-destruct on a 12 hour timer.

Naturally, the Lovely Angels aren’t about to let that stand and set off to rescue Gooley anyway.

The usual hijinks ensue: mayhem, hilarity, Kei flashing her boobs to distract some guards, vitriolic best buds arguing about how best to get to the level where Marcus is, etc. The result is pretty inevitable, right down to Gooley being shot out of the volcano in an escape capsule leaving the Lovely Angels trapped.

Trapped… until Kei hits on the idea to fire the Super God Cannon indoors, at point blank, as a means of escape. Don’t examine that too closely.

There’s an unconvincing moment in the aftermath where Kei thinks Yuri is dead and apologises for the cake. Only to be insulted by Yuri as she crawls out from under the metal sheet that Kei was standing on. The Lovely Angels run off into the sunset exchanging insults as they do.

It’s reasonably fun stuff, but pretty tame stuff by Dirty Pair standards, and I’m not surprised this got pulled from broadcast. There isn’t even any collateral damage that the Lovely Angels can be blamed for (since anything they broke in the lab was covered up by the WWWA destroying the volcano).

The Battle Bikini percentages finish at 77% and 75% (depending on how you count episode 23).

Next Up: The final set of TV Series episode title polls, a series in review post, and sometime after that I’ll get started on the real OAVs.

As this is the last episode, here’s the OP again (which never gets old):

[1] As I mentioned in Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator, the last two episodes were pulled from broadcast, probably because they’re really not particularly good.

[2] No, really, that’s what the thing is called.