Kei and Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 23 - 26

Kei and Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 23 – 26

Depending on how you look at it, Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator is either episode 25 of the Dirty Pair TV series, or episode 1 of the first Dirty Pair OAV series With Love From the Lovely Angels.

Either way, it isn’t very good[1], and I have to admit that the general quality of the Dirty Pair TV series was declining towards the end. Although I didn’t mention it, several of the recent episodes seemed to have lower animation quality/drawings, with an increase in Off Model images.

This may have contributed to these episodes being pulled from broadcast, particularly if the ratings had been dropping at the time.

The Boy in the Manor complicates this by breaking what little canon Dirty Pair has, and by having the Lovely Angels be gratuitously out of character to boot.

The problems start right at the beginning of the episodes with the Lovely Angels taking a vacation in the middle of a case. Now, they’ve cheerfully extorted bonuses and vacations at the end of cases, but never in the middle so that felt off from the start.

Second, Yuri is on a date with a man who is paying her no attention at all, preferring to read his book instead. Whilst this is happening there’s a bit of infodump from Gooley and his assistant Calico re the nature of the case. The retired electronics engineer Jobs Garou has been releasing counterfeit money on a sufficient scale to cause an economic crisis, destroying one bank. This also provides the motive as Jobs’ son Mack worked for that bank and committed suicide after being scapegoated for the bank’s illegal activities.

Alas, once the location of the Garou’s is discovered, Yuri is still out on her date and Kei is sent out with Calico as an offsider.

No, just no. The idea that Yuri couldn’t be called back, or that she wouldn’t come back to complete the mission is worse than the idea that they’d be on holiday in the middle of the case to begin with.

Yes, there’s some humour when Calico proves to be utterly incompetent and trigger happy. Seeing Kei be the restrained, professional one, on a mission is somewhat amusing.

Similarly, having the Garous build a cut price terminator[2] to replace Mack, and that Yuri winds up fighting once she arrives, is also a bit amusing.

But the entire episode is built on a flawed premise, and as a result fails to impress from start to finish.

I can’t say I’m surprised that this never got broadcast, it probably would have bombed.

The Battle Bikini percentages rise to 76% and 74% (depending on how you count episode 23).

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[1] For the record these were made as part of the TV series, and I’m going to count them as episodes 25 and 26.

[2] Once the false skin is stripped away, the terminator is basically the same character design that was used in the later Halloween OAV episode to much better comedic effect.