Kei and Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 23 - 26

Kei and Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 23 – 26

Dirty Pair episode 23 Something’s Amiss…!? Our Elegant Revenge is a fun episode with plot elements that a more recent series would make a lot more out of.

The episode opens with Kei and Yuri in the middle of an infiltration operation at the top of a skyscraper. Security is tight and the druglord Mahogany is completing an expensive research project to bring a new illegal drug to market.

Yuri is about to spike the project with a well-placed bazooka shot when Kei calls her off. Apparently pressure has been put on the 3WA to back off from Mahogany, and the operation is cancelled.

Alas the Lovely Angels are discovered during their escape, and Yuri is wounded in the mayhem. On the ground Yuri is “rescued” by handsome fellow who kisses her as one of Mahogany’s goons passes by yelling “get a room”.

Yuri wakes up wearing a shirt, and discovering that her arm has been bandaged. It turns out that her rescuer is a famous con-man named Daniel Sezar who is planning on swindling Mahogany for 30 million credits for the worthless planet of Heldora.

Yuri is suspicious, but eventually contacts Kei to bring her on board. Meanwhile Kei has been franticly worried about Yuri, and trying to get Gooley to authorise further action against Mahogany.

One amusing element of that phone call is Kei demanding to see Yuri’s feet to prove that she’s not a ghost. That Yuri manages this speaks well to her flexibility.

Once Kei is on board the con job gets underway. It’s a variation of the Violin Scam where Mahogany believes that he’s been mistaken for a Melnard Bodre, and is shown a lot of fake gold. The gold has supposedly came from a gold mine hidden under Heldora’s marginal coal mine.  To support the con, Yuri is dolled up the wealthy heiress El-nui Kajak with the Daniel as her butler.

It even includes the bidding war element once Kei is faking it as Melnard over a commlink. Naturally, Mahogany is allowed to “win” the bidding at 30 million credits.

Once the deal is going through, the double crosses start. Daniel has leaked the Lovely Angels’ identity to Mahogany’s minions the hope that both Mahogany and the Lovely Angels will neutralise each other whilst Daniel escapes with the cash.

Which might have worked if the Lovely Angels had fallen for his act in the slightest. Kei is on hand in uniform to provide overwatch, and Yuri is more than capable of surviving the odd goon or two.

Towards the end Daniel is dangling from a crane over a foundry holding the briefcase of money, whilst Mahogany is on top of the crane trying to get it back. Cue Yuri with a sniper rifle blowing the case open so that the money burns up.

The Lovely Angels then drive away with Yuri being offended at the very idea that she’d break up the Vitriolic Best Buds over a man, no matter how handsome.

There are some interesting plot elements here that I don’t think were ever followed up on, that a more continuity driven show would be all over. First up is the extent to which the 3WA are a mercenary organisation. This has come up a bit, particularly in episode 8 with Billy Galet, but it’s never really explored in detail.

Our Elegant Revenge more or less states that the criminal target of an operation can buy off the 3WA, and this is something that the Lovely Angels are not happy with. It’s pretty clear that this is why they agree to work with Daniel, since it offers an unofficial line of attack on Mahogany.

Not to put too fine a point on it, this makes the 3WA not only corrupt but openly so. I think this is the first time I’ve seen that plot element[1]. A more continuity driven show would devote an entire story arc over several episodes to an issue like this. In fact one of Dirty Pair’s Spiritual Successors Kiddy Grade did do just that[2].

Meanwhile Dirty Pair has 3 episodes left to go[3], and there just isn’t time to deal with this sort of storyline. That’s even if Dirty Pair was the sort of show to be interested in that.

I’m mainly commenting on this because it’s one of those moments when Dirty Pair really shows the era in which it was made.

This is still a fun episode, covering a new type of story, and that’s executed well.

The battle bikini rises to 78% or falls to 76% depending on whether you believe that full credit applies when only one Lovely Angel (Kei) shows up in one.

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[1] Partly because I don’t recall ever seeing this episode before. It’s one reason I was so glad to get the re-issue.

[2] Arguably it was the best arc in Kiddy Grade as well. Although resolving it afterwards… not so much.

[3] Or one episode plus 2 OAVs if you believe My Anime List. I’m calling them part of the TV series because that’s how they were made.