Flying Witch and My Hero Academia started as my favourites of the season and have only swapped places.

Both shows are, in different ways, simple pleasures. Shows with a raison d’etre that they keep to in an honest way that just makes them fun to watch.

Flying Witch

Flying Witch is trying to do one thing, and one thing only: make you smile by smiling at you.

And it works.

The comedy in Flying Witch retains the understated delivery of the first episode, but the main thing powering it is the simple joy in life that lies at the heart of this show.

The effect is enhanced by Minami Shinoda’s performance as Makoto Kowata. I don’t know how Ms Shinoda is doing it, but I swear you can hear her smile every time Makoto speaks.

Flying Witch is very much a slice of life, iyashikei, show with a heavy dose of Scenery Porn, but the simple charm of this show is undeniable to me.

So let Flying Witch smile at you, you’ll almost certainly smile back.

Even the OP smiles at you! Shalalala!

My Hero Academia

To be fair My Hero Academia has introduced some subtleties with respect to heroism and the price of powers, especially the [SPOILER DELETED] aspects of ALL MIGHT[1].

Despite that My Hero Academia remains a classic super hero show, the sort of brightly coloured, optimistic, show that just can’t help but sweep you along with Izuku’s efforts to become the hero he dreams of being.

In a time of grimdark Superman, of big cinematic “superhero” universes that destroy vast swathes of property and (presumably) lives, My Hero Academia is a breath of fresh air.

Yes, it can be predictable.

Yes, I saw the key story beat of episode 4 Start Line coming a mile off[2].

I don’t care.

I still cheered.

That’s the simple pleasure of My Hero Academia: if you accept it for what it is, you will be charmed by it and have a ball watching it. Here’s the exuberant OP that perfectly fits the show:


There is a time and a place for complex, engaging shows – Joker Game and (surprisingly) Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World – are two shows that are doing some very interesting things this season. From last season there was Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju which I need to rewatch and complete a review of[3].

But there’s also a time for the simple things in life, for the shows that do one thing and entertain by doing it exceptionally well.

Flying Witch and My Hero Academia are two such shows. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

[1] If ever a character demanded that his name be in all caps it is ALL MIGHT! If you’ve seen My Hero Academia you know I’m right.

[2] Although the side note with Ochako was a bit of a surprise and pure awesome.

[3] Which may happen sometime after I can deal with Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash occupying my writing headspace. Such a frustrating show, so close to brilliance and yet so far away.