I don’t really have a lot to add to my first thoughts regarding KonoSuba.

With one glaring exception that review was accurate right to the end of the short first season[1]. The exception is episode 9 God’s Blessing On This Wonderful Shop.

Wonderful Shop is quite embarrassing to watch, and I’m hoping I can avoid showing it to the friends I’ve been watching it with. I suspect Wonderful Shop is intended as a parody of pornographic fantasies[2], it is at best a victim of Poe’s Law, and at worst simply terrible.

On balance one bad episode out of 9 is a better average than most shows, but the excessive fanservice and other undesirable tropes[3] in that episode means that Konosuba is on notice with me for the second season. I’ll watch it, it will probably be funny, but one more episode like that and I’ll drop it like a hot potato.

Overall KonoSuba remains a cautious recommendation but probably best to skip episode 9.

[1] 10 episodes which is an unusual number, plus an announced OAV (that I probably won’t get access to), and a second season (which I might watch).
[2] Spoiler: the “wonderful shop” in question is run by succubi selling erotic dreams to male adventurers…
[3] Don’t ask. Trigger warnings would apply.