A brief rant from yesterday on the misuse of “lynch mob” and “witch hunt“, and usually by white conservatives being subjected to, oh the horror, mild criticism or validly constituted legal proceedings. 

As it happens,  I am #blockedbydevine, and happy to be so.

POC = People of Colour in case it wasn’t obvious. I was having to work within the 140 character limit of twitter.

The key here is that both “lynch mob” and “witch hunt” have long, loaded, and lethal associations for POC and women. They are words that carry terror and oppression with them.

So don’t use “lynch mob” or “witch hunt” around me to mean “a white man is being criticised or questioned” because I will call you on it.

Because let’s face it: Cardinal Pell is being questioned in a venue of his choosing (the Vatican) by a Royal Commission with limited powers to actually do anything about what it finds.

Not that he remembers anything anyway, or knew anything if he did remember it.

Oh, and and it’s definitely worth reading this response from Clare Linane to Ms Devine: https://www.facebook.com/clare.linane/posts/10153959394535859