It is a sad indictment of GATE that confirming the major feature of how it will end is probably the best moment of the second cour so far[1].

To be blunt: the second cour of GATE is a confused mess of Four Lines, All Waiting plotlines. Wrapping these up at all, let alone in the remaining 5 episodes, will be a neat trick.

The problematic elements from the first cour have returned, and brought friends for that extra squick value.

Elements of the early episodes, particularly 13 The Banquet Begins and 14 The Imperial Capital Quake require trigger warnings[2].

The handling of Tuka’s PTSD was appallingly bad and along the way Yao dropped the Idiot Ball in favour of the Bitch Ball[3].

The fight against the Fire Dragon was done fairly well[4], even if 17 Decisive Battle needed Jonathan Coulton’s Redshirts as part of the background music.

The political storylines are just getting messier as the episodes wear on, and a related storyline started in 16 The Fire Dragon, Once More has not been followed up on at all since.

Lelei has been getting some good moments, but even Lelei has been dragged into the harem tropes in a way that I hoped would have been avoided[5].

The critically important piece of world building dropped into 19 Dangerous Sisters went without comment by any of the characters, which isn’t a good sign for them realising the consequences.

7 of 12 episodes gone and the second cour of GATE really is muddled. In terms of scripting it feels as half-arsed as the OP. I’m still enjoying individual episodes but I’m expecting it to fumble the dismount at the end[6].

Oh well, at least the ED is mildly amusing. That’s something I guess.

[1] ROT-13 since this is a major spoiler: Gur Tngr vf grzcbenel. Vg JVYY pybfr fbba naq jba’g erbcra ntnva ba Rnegu sbe n gubhfnaq lrnef, vs rire.

[2] If you haven’t seen them and want to know, leave a comment. I’ll reply with a ROT-13 for the content.

[3] This is not an improvement.

[4] It involved copious amounts of C4 and badly used rocket launchers. Always a plus.

[5] Not to mention that, apparently, Itami now owns Yao. Don’t examine that too closely.

[6] Bear in mind that the first cour didn’t really have much of a finale so there’s precedent for my pessimism.