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KonoSuba[1] is funnier than it has any right to be, enough so to overcome my distaste at the near omnipresent fanservice, and the frankly nasty streak running through the humour.

Make no mistake: this is a series that is very mean to its main characters, and one whose main characters are fairly mean to each other.

Normally this is something that would make me run away quickly – see also Locodol and Tonari no Seki-Kun – but there’s a key difference here.

The two main characters, Kazuma and Aqua, each in their own ways, deserve each other, and deserve the world they’ve landed in.

Kazuma is a hikikomori who dies in fairly embarrassing circumstances. In the afterlife the goddess Aqua offers him three choices: heaven[2], being reborn as a baby[3], being reborn into a fantasy world to fight the devil king that’s threatening it[4].

As an incentive for the latter, Kazuma would get to keep his memories and any one thing he wishes for in terms of an ability or a magic item.

Aqua is… less than charming[5] during this sequence and doesn’t really pay attention when Kazuma picks her. As I said before: these two deserve each other.

Once dumped into the fantasy world, hilarity and mayhem ensue as they slowly develop a party of sorts and go adventuring.

Be aware that the fanservice is near omnipresent, especially the adventurers guild bar staff and that masochistic crusader Darkness.

There is a bit of a story going on, but mostly it’s the jokes along the way that drive this show. Konosuba has been consistently funny, often hilarious, especially when watching it with friends. In that sense it reminds me of Ranma ½ or Urusei Yatsura at their best.

Konosuba truly is funnier than it has any right to be, and I’m definitely enjoying the ride so far. I think it’s worth checking out.  I’ll finish up with the fairly amusing OP:

[1] KonoSuba is the usual abbreviation of the light novel series title. In this case Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku o! which literally translates as “Give Blessings on This Wonderful World!”

[2] BORING. Especially as described by Aqua. Bear in mind that Aqua is not entirely impartial here…

[3] Who wants to go through all that again, and with lost memories to boot. See previous comment re Aqua… shaping the outcome.

[4] Very cool. You may wish to pay some attention to the fine print though…

[5] Aqua is not too bright sometimes.