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I went to the Canberra Meat on a Stick, er, Multicultural Festival today. As always this is the weekend when I’m reminded why I choose to live in Canberra instead of Sydney.

The festival is not a small exercise, so I thought it might be interesting to see the transformation of Civic into the festival, plus some tweeted thoughts on the festival itself.

Wednesday 03/02/2016: Setup Begins

One of the stages starts appearing in Garema Place.


The stage begins to form

Friday 05/02/2016: A Roof and Advance Warning

The stage has a roof!

The stage has a roof!

The stage has a roof!

There’s also the first warning signs that the bus interchange will be consumed by the festival:

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

Meanwhile, if you look down Garema Place towards the Canberra Centre you can see the first of the tents appearing in the distance (you may have to zoom in to make them out):

The first tents are there in the distance (honest)

The first tents are there in the distance (honest)

Monday 08/02/2016: The Ballast Appears

The tents for stalls get held in place by some fairly impressive concrete blocks. These were delivered ahead of the tents making it this far down.

Concrete bits

Concrete bits

Thursday 11/02/2016: Chairs!



By this stage the tents are all the way into Garema place, hiding the stage from view at this angle, and the chairs have started appearing.

Saturday Morning 13/02/2016: The Bus Station

Two views of the bus station this morning as I was on my way back from the gym. Final set up in progress:

Bus Station Looking West(ish)

Bus Station Looking West(ish)


Bus Station Looking South(ish)

Watching the set up take place over the last week or so was fascinating, at least to me, and I hope to catch a better record of it next year. But enough of that, what about the festival itself?

Wandering Around – Saturday 13/02/2016

I was tweeting photos and snark as I went. Here’s most of them. I had fun, I hope you enjoy these as well.

Look, I had to live the cliche at least once, OK.

It didn’t feel quite as crowded as last year, but still enough to remind me why I like Canberra more than Sydney. 🙂

After that I retreated home with a friend for some anime and to get out of the heat. That was my day, how about you?