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Sometimes I stumble across odd things in Canberra, and I suspect the same is true of any city. Because it amuses me, here’s some of those oddities:

Even allowing for Christmas I don’t normally expect to see camels with diapers in Civic:

I wonder if the claws are sharp enough to puncture the tire:

At least a traffic island is a type of island even if it is not the type you would normally expect to find fishing poles on.

I wonder if they were advertising the temperature of the spa? Because, trust me, Canberra is never that hot in June (and in June 37 degrees would make the spa sound really tempting).

It’s been fascinating to watch that assembly climb up as the lift tower is built. Spotting the Christmas decorations added to the 14th floor amused me a little.

I’ve mentioned how grievously misnamed the Tuggeranong Hyperdome on a couple of occasions. Seeing this rather more accurate typo on a temporary pedestrian detour also amused me.

“Uhh, I lost it Mum. Honest I did.” Given my painful memories of recorders at primary school (best suppressed and never to see the light of day to be honest), I can sympathise.

One day there was an abandoned barbecue just there in the street. No idea why.

Well, that must have been an… interesting evening for somebody. I will note that this is just outside a local Catholic church.


One day I looked up and there was a pair of nail scissors stuck into a light pole, about 2 meters up. Go figure.

So, those are some of the oddities of Canberra I’ve seen out at about. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write your own blog post showing the oddities of your city, and leave a link to it here in the comments.

Go, be creative, find the local weirdness just out of the corner of your eye!