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Within the glory of Star Wars: The Force Awakens lies the seeds of a disaster we’ve seen before.

The Noodle Incidents. Or the Cryptic Background Reference if you prefer.

Those references to prior events that shape the context of the film, that feel epic, but are never explained.

Let them remain unseen, unexplained. Forever.

The Force Awakens leaves huge scope for a whole new batch of prequels[1], and I’ve written about the problems with prequels before.

No good could come of going there. Leave it alone Disney: go forward, tell as many future stories as you like.

But leave the Noodle Incidents alone. It will be better that way for everybody.

PS: As with my previous post on The Force Awakens I have very carefully not mentioned what the Noodle Incidents are. If you’re commenting, please don’t, or Rot13 if you must.

[1] Or would they be “midquels”?