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Whilst it isn’t exactly what I’d call comfort anime, I felt the urge to rewatch Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru over the last few days. Much of what I said in my Final Thoughts still holds but I’m adjusting my position on a few aspects of the finale.

Getting Personal vs Going Global

I initially marked YuYuYu down because it didn’t resolve the larger issues of the setting. I now think this was unfair of me.

Ultimately YuYuYu is a show you watch because you care about the Sanshu Middle School Hero Club.

By the time you get to episode 12 Smile At You either you do care, or you are completely heartless.

So the finale ends up being deeply satisfying as you watch the heroes recover what they lost.

Dealing With the Disabilities

The other potential issue was magically fixing the disabilities[1].

However I now argue that this is a justified trope given that the same mechanism[2] applies to both acquiring and removing the disabilities.[3] The removal of the disabilities makes sense within the rules of the universe as previously established.

The Verdict

Overall YuYuYu is a strong series, and the payoff is definitely worth the pain getting there. Recommended if you haven’t seen it already.

[1] Enough so that it not happening is one of the reasons to appreciate Lock In.

[2] Shinju-sama (the local god) giveth, and the Shinju-sama taketh away.

[3] Although, as always, I’m happy to listen to contrasting views. I know that there’s at least one fanfic out there that objected to this aspect of the finale.