So this happened today to much squeeing on my part:

Wait, what?

There’s a meme floating about on twitter at the moment where you post an image and, for every like of that tweet, you post one fact about yourself.

@colonydrop posted this anime related version and were having some fun with their responses:

Most of them are quite clever, and mostly contain at least a grain of truth[1].

Then I saw this one:

The thing is I’d heard a rumour years ago about an attempt to get a Dirty Pair poster on screen in Star Trek: The Next Generation and posted that as a reply, with a question to Wil Wheaton at the end:

I didn’t expect anything but Wil then very kindly confirmed the rumour. It’s a real pity that the ST:TNG producers didn’t get away with it[2] in the end. That would have been awesome.

So thanks to @colonydrop and @wilw for making my day.

[1] Which is what makes the parody effective. Well played. Well played indeed.
[2] No room for it in the tweet but I believe that a Klingon weapons rack got used as the set dressing instead.