Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 14 - 18

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 14 – 18

Dirty Pair episode 18 Pardon us. Trouble’s On the Run, So We’re Coming Through! finishes disk 4[1] with a nice dose of collateral damage.

Trouble’s On the Run opens with Kei and Yuri bursting into room 503 of Hotel Dada in Slum City to capture a guy by the name of BJ. The occupant in question apparently keeps a loaded gun in his full bath, and a bathrobe handy once his return fire drives Kei and Yuri out of the room.

The resulting firefight ends in the destruction of the hotel whilst all three are standing in the back of a rubbish truck. Except… the guy they’ve captured isn’t the guy they’re looking for. He was armed in the bath because Slum City[2] really is that dangerous.

Oh and this is actually Hotel Aba. Hotel Dada is next door.

Oops. Oh well, they can always try again. And promptly do.

After some more hijinks Kei and Yuri manage to capture the real BJ alive and slap a remote controlled shock cuff on one wrist. At this point, thinking that the mission is done, the Lovely Angels report in to Gooley to discover that they now need to deliver BJ to the police in another part of Slum City due to jurisdictional issues.

Gooley also orders them to switch on their tracking devices as they head towards the police station.

Alas, all is not as it seems. Refueling their aircar[3] comes with the added bonus of a time bomb which is discovered just in time.

Stranded on the side of the road, the trio end up catching a bus heading in the right general direction. Of course this is when the goons show up and start shooting at the bus, with the passengers joining in to fight back.

After a smoke/gas grenade is used by the goons, the trio escape into the sewers. Only to run into more goons (figuratively) and a cleaning ball (literally in Yuri’s case). Yuri is unimpressed by being dumped into the water[4].

Back above ground they manage to get into a restaurant which is public enough, and with enough bystanders, that the goons can’t do anything for a bit. Reporting in raises concerns with Gooley who promises to go investigate with the chief of police.

Kei and Yuri spot a tractor trailer that’s roughly as tough as a tank and move to, ah, requisition it. Along the way they discover that the goons are in fact members of the police. Meanwhile Gooley is confronting the police chief and discovering that the Slum City police are rather corrupt.

Gooley gets shot, and in a later radio conversation with the Lovely Angels more or less gives them permission to do what they need to in order to protect BJ. That was possibly… unwise Gooley.

Mind you, he probably wasn’t thinking clearly given the gunshot wound.

The usual mayhem and hilarity ensues, including the Lovely Angels chasing the police chief through the police headquarters. Of course the Lovely Angels don’t actually bother to get out of the truck first, and I’m sure those columns weren’t structural[5].

Well, actually, when they’re driving away after saving Gooley it turns out those columns were structural and the police headquarters collapses in on itself. Oops.

No longer responsible for BJ, the Lovely Angels watch the collapsing building in their rear vision mirror, consider the likely effectiveness of an apology letter, and decide that it is time to run away!

Trouble’s On the Run is a fun episode that never loses momentum as it morphs from a bounty job to a protection job to an assault on a police building. The jokes are funny, rapid, and more than a little bit sexist at times.[6] The collateral damage is, as is often the case with Dirty Pair, a huge part of the fun.

The battle bikini percentage rises to 72%.

Next up: An Unjustified Lover’s Grudge. Let Me Love You Without Revenge.

[1] Which means that the next favourite episode titles poll is on the way. In the meantime here’s the volume 1 polls. Vote early, vote often!

[2] Yes, this episode is really set in Slum City. Dirty Pair has, I’m sure, heard of the concept of subtlety and clearly wants no part of it.

[3] Hands up anyone who doesn’t want to be anywhere near the same airspace that Kei and Yuri are driving in.

[4] Given where the water is I’d be unimpressed too.

[5] Honest.

[6] To be fair BJ is wearing a shock cuff that Kei isn’t afraid to use when he gets too fresh.