Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 14 - 18

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 14 – 18

Dirty Pair episode 17 Come Out, Come Out, Assassin is a brave attempt at a Closed Circle mystery constrained by the limits of TV anime. Content warnings for suicide apply.

Alas Come Out, Come Out, Assassin is crippled by the episode length, and by the, ah, interesting grip on astronomical scales and objects last seen in Lots of Danger, Lots of Decoys.

The episode opens with the murder of a 3WA crime consultant who had spent years chasing the notorious assassin Sundric. A sombre voice over from Kei reveals that the agent left a clue that Sundric would be on a particular interstellar flight.

The Lovely Angels are tasked with boarding the flight to identify and arrest Sundric. Kei is disguised as a nun[1], whilst Yuri assumes the role of a stewardess.

This doesn’t last long as the Captain apparently goes mad, sabotages the ship, murders the copilot, and then kills himself. The Lovely Angels are recognised almost immediately[2] after this happens, and revert to the battle bikinis to pursue the investigation.

The sabotage includes diverting the flight into a black hole unless a 9 digit code can be entered into a keypad.

At this point both of the key problems with the episode are on display: a significant chunk of the running time has already been spent getting here, and the resolution has to involve someone falling towards the black hole[3].

The problem with a Closed Circle mystery is that they take time to properly set up the clues and the distractions whilst still giving the viewer a chance to fairly solve the mystery. The 24 minutes of a Dirty Pair TV episode just isn’t going to cut it.

Similarly, the idea of someone falling into a black hole really isn’t going to work like that. Although, to the scriptwriters credit, they did make it convincing from a character perspective.

And then promptly[4] ruined the moment with more spectacularly bad anime science.

The most frustrating part about Come Out, Come Out, Assassin is that the tone of the episode is just about perfect. There’s the right level of tension leavened by comedy moments, and the atmosphere of the episode is basically spot on throughout. You can see what the writers were trying for but couldn’t manage for want of time and an excess of gratuitous science fictional nonsense.

I’m not going to spoil the details beyond that though. I did, overall, enjoy Come Out, Come Out, Assasssin but it’s really more of a brave attempt than a success.

The battle bikini percentage rises to 70%

Next up: Pardon us. Trouble’s On the Run, So We’re Coming Through!

[1] Which might have worked better if there wasn’t a hunky idol on the flight.

[2] The Lovely Angels aren’t that good at maintaining covers. I think that came up in Hire Us! Beautiful Bodyguards are a Better Deal!

[3] Dirty Pair tends more towards Chekhov’s Guns than to Red Herrings. Generally speaking, if it’s there it will get used.

[4] Also inevitably under the circumstances.